Initiatives for the SDGs

In consideration of ESG initiatives, we identified the following material issues related to the SDGs using the identification process below. In addition, regarding the 14 key issues, we work to solve environmental and social issues through business and mitigate the negative impacts of our business activities on the environment and society.

1.How the Shindengen Group Identifies SDGs-Related Material Issues

There are 169 SDGs targets. The Shindengen Group’s approach to material issues involves prioritizing key items by the degree of impact they will have on stakeholders and the degree of importance to the Group. After regularly holding dialogues with outside experts, the CSR committee identifies the material issues.

Step 1-2

We carefully looked at the 169 SDGs targets; evaluated items related to the businesses of the Shindengen Group, the impact on stakeholders, and the importance to the Shindengen Group; and decided on focus areas.

Step 3 Select key matters

After conducting the assessment outlined in step 2, we selected 14 items for the focus area.

Step 4-5 Identifying material issues

Regarding the 14 items selected in step 3, we narrowed those items down to four SDGs material issues. The CSR Committee identified the following SDGs-related material issues for the Shindengen Group

2.SDGs Materiality Medium-Term Targets and Assessments

Based on ESG management, the Shindengen Group has identified four SDGs material issues which it has set targets for and is working on in sync with the 16th Medium Term Business Plan. We conducted a three-stage self-assessment on the status of meeting those targets in FY2022.

3.Status of efforts toward SDGs materiality (~FY2022)

SDGs Target 7.3
Case Study on Reducing CO2 Emissions through Sales of Environmentally Friendly Products (FY 2022)

SDGs Target 13.2
The Shindengen Group’s (Domestic) CO2 Emission
Targets and Progress Made

SDGs Target 8.8
Shindengen’s Occupational Accidents and Commuting Accidents
Over the Past Five Years

SDGs Target 11.b
Status of implementation Shindengen’s education and training on business continuity

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