"It's nice weather today, Let’s go for a drive."
Mobility society provides us with freedom in our lives. Shindengen's wish is to provide clean energy to as many people as possible, while always seizing upon new developments as we continue to strive towards improving our mobility society, which is currently going through a revolutionary period.
"Mobility" is undergoing constant improvement at a dizzying pace in order to provide new value, and has a very large role to play in the future. We will also continue to integrate the semiconductor technologies, circuit technologies, and mounting technologies that are our strengths, to continue to evolve and advance, and face the challenge of creating a new world.

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EV chargers

From engines to motors. We provide infrastructure support for EV to help society to work towards a post-carbon society. Our EV chargers are being installed in an increasingly diverse range of locations, including parking lots and shopping centers.

DC Quick Charger for EVs

Our chargers have received CHAdeMO Protocol Ver1.2 EV Fast Charging Standard certification, have high output, shorten charging time, and improve ease of use for users and contribute to the growth of an EV society.

AC Charger for EVs/PHEVs

AC EV chargers for public installation which focus on ease of use outdoors and ease of installation. Benefits include compact sizes and ability to keep installation costs low.

Wireless charging system

Equipping an electric vehicle with a contactless power supply system allows for charging without the need connect cables. Once these currently in-development systems are realized, they will allow for charging of a vehicle simply by parking above a transmission coil at home or in a parking lot to drastically improve convenience.


Our company's products, including everything from high efficiency and low dissipation power semiconductors to DC/DC converters, play a major role in many situations where power is required. These are products which help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions through further propagation of more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Engine and motor control

Ever greater functionality, such as automatic driving, is being increasingly demanded of vehicles. With the ever-increasing shift towards "electrification of vehicles", our high efficiency and high quality products play a major role in improving fuel consumption.

Battery power supply

The energy for driving is transferred from high voltage batteries to low voltage batteries, and then inside the vehicle. Our high efficiency power supply technologies support both improvements in fuel efficiency and comfort as vehicles continue to become ever more advanced.


Controls the dampers which are used to stabilize vehicle driving and improve ride comfort. Combining with our ECU makes dampers lighter weight and contributes to saving on resources for the entire vehicle.

Power Steering

Electrification to improve fuel efficiency has also advanced significantly for power steering, which assists with steering of a vehicle using the steering wheel. We provide control devices for power steering.


In Asia, where motorcycles are a common means of transportation, atmospheric pollution has become a society problem, and discussions aimed at a shift to EV have accelerated for the motorcycle world as well. We provide support for motorcycle power, mainly in the charging, ignition, and control fields, to contribute to a clean, environmentally friendly society.

Engine and motor control

We are developing a unit for motor drive and control in electrical motorcycles. We are using the technologies we developed with engine-based vehicles as a foundation to further initiatives aimed at greater propagation of EV in the two-wheeled vehicle world as well.

Battery power supply

Stopping generation of energy when the generated energy is not needed can decrease load on the engine, and improve fuel efficiency.

Lighting control

Headlights, blinkers, taillights, and other lighting equipment have switched from bulb types to LED types, and we are developing units to control the blinking of LEDs.


Side mirrors can be opened and closed with one push, and seat positions can be easily changed using electrical power. The number of automobile components requiring electricity has also increased, and going forward there will be greater focus on support safety and reliability, such as for automatic driving, as we work towards building a society with less accidents.

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