AC Charger for EVs/PHEVs

  • AC Charger for EVs/PHEVs


High quality, High performance power supplies

IEC61851-1-compliant charging method JARI A0001 2014 (JARI new standard certified product)

Outstanding environmental resistance

With IP55-compliant dustproof and waterproof performance suitable for outdoor installation
(The charging connector is IP44-somplianrt)
Stainless steel with outstanding anti-corrosive properties is used for the casing

High maintainability

The front panel can be opened for ease of maintenance work

Security lock

The charging connector is controlled automatically through interlock with user authentication function.
IC card authentication, password authentication or non- authentication may be selected for the authentication function.

Lightning protection function

Design with strong lightning protection in compliance with IEC61000-4-5 level-4


Rated Input Single-phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Rated Continuous Current 20A
Rated Current during Continuous Use  18A(Charging current to the vehicle)
Protection Function Mounted with an electric leakage circuit breaker
 (Stops supply to the vehicle when a leakage current of 15mA or more is detected)
Overcurrent detection
(Mounted with a function that automatically stops supply to the vehicle when the current supplied to the vehicle is 20A or more.)
Built-in charge coupler auto lock function
(The lock is disengaged when the user is authenticated.)  
Charging Method Compliant with EC61851-1, IEC EC61851-22, SAE1772
Environmental Condition

-10℃ ー +45℃
(Mounting a heater for cold regions enables use even at temperatures of -10℃ or low. (option))

Water and dust proofing Compliant with JIS C 0920 IP55
( the charging connector is compliant with IP44)
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)(mm) 230 × 1,520 × 300 (excluding protruding parts)
Weight Less than 41kg
Usage Location Outdoor
Charging Connector Safety standard UL2251-compliant product, compliant with SAE J1772
Ambient temperature -10ー+45℃
Humidity 30ー90%RH

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