Utilizing new technologies also means facing new problems. As the world continues to evolve towards more sustainable societies, we at Shindengen continue to challenge new issues through power electronics. The energy which we use involves converting limited resources through a variety of methods for use as energy in our daily lives. We must convert the new energies, which are the hope for the future, as efficiently as possible to provide support for society. We must integrate semiconductor device technologies and power management technologies at ever-higher levels, to bring about innovation. We at Shindengen work to contribute to the energy solutions for the world.

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EV chargers

From engines to motors. We provide infrastructure support for EV to help society to work towards a post-carbon society. Our EV chargers are being installed in an increasingly diverse range of locations, including parking lots and shopping centers.

DC quick charger for EV

Our chargers have received CHAdeMO Protocol Ver1.2 EV Fast Charging Standard certification, have high output, shorten charging time, and improve ease of use for users and contribute to the growth of an EV society.

AC Charger for EVs/PHEVs

AC EV chargers for public installation which focus on ease of use outdoors and ease of installation. Benefits include compact sizes and ability to keep installation costs low.

Wireless charging system

Equipping an electric vehicle with a contactless power supply system allows for charging without the need connect cables. Once these currently in-development systems are realized, they will allow for charging of a vehicle simply by parking above a transmission coil at home or in a parking lot to drastically improve convenience.

Energy Storage & Inverter Technology

Energy Storage Systems

This is a system which allows for self-consumption and battery storage of the electrical power generated from sunlight. This can be used to reduce electricity costs and provide emergency power during power outages.

Electrical Storage Inverters

These are electrical storage inverters which contribute to the construction of a wide range of distributed electric storage systems including virtual power plants (VPP).

Inverter Units

We are developing inverter units which can provide electrical power from portable generators of the same quality as the electricity delivered to outlets in the event of power outages, etc., when natural disasters occur.


Efficiently converting sunlight to renewable energy. We provide total support including solar power generation power conditioners, monitoring and control equipment, and long-term post-installation support.

PV Inverters

We are developing devices which utilize sunlight as energy and convert the direct current power generated by solar cells to alternating power. These devices feature outstanding conversion efficiency and are equipped with independent operation functions which allow for use of solar power generated electricity even in the event of power outages.

Monitoring System

This product can carry out monitoring of power generation amounts and operation control for solar power plants. We can provide fast and responsive support from when a problem occurs until the problem is resolved.

O&M Service

We are a power conditioner manufacturer which also provides a comprehensive range of maintenance services.

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