• Power Management Electronics

Power Management Electronics

Technical Introduction

  • Power Management Electronics

We have been developing power management electronics products since 1953, when we developed a selenium rectifier for motorcycles. Since then, we have centered on development and sales of regulators/rectifiers and CDIs (capacitor discharge igniters) for motorcycles.  We have also expanded to develop general purpose engine transistor-magnets, engine generator AVRs, governor devices, and more to fit the needs of the times.
Recently, we have been developing and mass-producing high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converters for HEVs and FCEVs.  Also, we have been developing ECUs (engine control units) for idle reduction in motorcycles.  Thus, we have been very active in the field of environmentally friendly products.

Product Lineup

Automotive Products

  • Automotive Products

Our products for Automobiles offer reliability to meet the vehicle requirements by integrating our core technologies, including our vehicle mounting technology that we have cultivated over many years in our Car Electronics Division, as well as our power semiconductor technology, power module technology and power circuit technology.

Motorcycle Products

  • Motorcycle Products

We primarily develop products for motorcycles that are adapted to every chassis, focusing on the fields of ignition, charging, and control.

General Purpose Products

  • General Purpose Products

We develop components, such as power module devices as well as power magnetic devices, which are designed to be built into and optimized for general- purpose products.

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