Body Control Unit for 2 Wheelers

All in One Unit for Modern 2 Wheelers is the theme of our BCU.
Riders want many kinds of function to help their riding easier, more comfortable, and safer.
This unit will help to create those “Modern 2 Wheelers”.

System overview & Features

✓What is BCU doing?
BCU mainly controls light equipment and some accessories,
and we can build the system ordered by customers deep communication.

✓Smarter than Ever
 BCU works very smartly and accurate with our software,
and information sent from ECU, ABS, other units and modules.

✓Reducing Connected Items
 Using BCU means that connecting cables to the functions are combined into one harness,
 because it is just one unit. No more units, no more fuses for each. Finally, those changes make 2 wheelers-weight lighter, and the cost lower.

System overview



BCU type

Few Functions

Multi Functions


Size(W*L*H mm)

64 * 61 * 28

84 * 108 * 28

Weight (kg)



Shindengen Prorducts Catalog for Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024.

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