We have become able to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time in our homes by supporting IT society infrastructure. We advance post-carbon society initiatives by working to make telecommunications more stable and robust.
For example, maintaining network environments which can continue to be used without interruption even in the event of a natural disaster makes it possible to determine what is happening at the site of the disaster from even remote areas, and to decide what needs to be prioritized. For this reason, we utilize the power supply technologies that we have cultivated over 70 years to provide stable and highly reliable power in accordance with our self-appointed mission to protect networks through infrastructure in order to ensure that there are "never any network interruptions under any circumstances".

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Internet Infrastructure

We provide power supplies which can support the provision of stable networks to allow for the exchanges of massive amounts of data that have become possible with the growth of 5G. We provide support for the construction of infrastructure for a post-carbon society through the use of 5G and other digital technologies.

Data Centers

While the shift to cloud-based Internet and other changes continue to increase required communication capacities, communication speeds also continue to steadily increase. We provide power semiconductors which contribute to the reduction of power consumption at data centers which allow for the smooth processing of massive amounts of data.


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