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  • 情報・通信機器用電源

Power supplies for information and communication devices are important devices for providing stable power supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the various communication devices used to provide data communication services, such as telephone and Internet. There are a wide variety of such power supplies, including those which direct current power supplies which convert alternating power supplied by commercial systems into direct power, and alternating power supplies which invert stable direct power into alternating power. There are also many different types of power supply installations, including those which are installed indoors for communication centers and other facilities, and those which are installed outdoors such as those for mobile telephone base stations.
We offer power supply products which satisfy the high reliability requirements demanded in the telecommunication power supply market, and which contribute to reduction of power conversion loss and help control the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by always pursuing the best possible power conversion efficiency for power supply products which are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In recent years, our discussions have increasingly focused on promotion of DX (Digital Transformation), and there have also been significant developments in 5G and other communications infrastructure. Our power supply systems and devices help contribute to the realization of a digital society by furthering infrastructure development through their use by communications carriers.

Basic configuration

What is direct current power supply?

Direct current power supply is a system where a rectifier receives alternating current power and converts it into direct current power and outputs stable direct current power. The output power is used to supply power to telecommunications equipment as well as to charge storage batteries connected to the rectifier output.
Storage batteries are a backup power supply for direct current power which instantaneously begin discharging power when power stops being output by the rectifier in order to provide power in place of the rectifier.

What is alternating current power supply?

Alternating current power supply is a system where an inverter receives direct current power from a rectifier or storage battery, and converts it into alternating current power. There are some devices among telecommunication equipment which operate using alternating current power as input the same as various home electronics in households, however alternating current power cannot be stored in batteries. Therefore using direct current power from a rectifier connected to storage batteries as input, and inverting it to alternating current allows for continued supply of power to telecommunication equipment even if there is a power outage.

Product Lineup

AC/DC Converters (48 VDC)

  • AC/DC Converters (48 VDC)

Rectifier for High-voltage

  • Rectifier for High-voltage

Telecommunications Inverters

  • Telecommunications Inverters

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