Rectifier for High-Voltage DC Supply System

  • Rectifier for High-voltage

"High-voltage DC supply systems" are new supply systems that solve many problems by setting the voltage supplied to the load device at around the high voltage that considered an international standard.


  1. Higher Efficiency
  2. Space Savings
  3. Higher Reliability
  4. Lower Wiring Costs

Comparing DC supply and AC supply

DC supply reduces the number of times power needs to be converted (e.g. AC/DC) compared to AC supply. Thus, it reduces power attenuation from power conversion and reduces air conditioning equipment for heat discharge, since it is less likely to heat up. DC supply, compared to AC supply, allows approximately a 20% curtailment of power consumption.

High-voltage DC supply technology

In shifting -48VDC to high voltage DC supply, we can reduce a wiring cost by feeding cable diameter narrowing. This is the future of high-capacitance rectifiers, anticipated even as a replacement for large UPS.

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