DC Quick Charger for EVs

  • DC Quick Charger for EVs


Selectable output capacity

Selectable output capacity from 3 types within a range of 20-50kW to match the installation environment makes it possible to keep output capacity down and realize low-cost installation.
* only for Three-phase model


Use of communication-device power supply technology reduces the effects of noise on equipment installed nearby.

Convenient functions

Charging condition setting function : Charging time and charging rate can be set
Language selection function : Japanese, English and Chinese can be selected


SDQC-20-U SDQC-30-U SDQC-50-U SDQC-301-U
Charging Standard CHAdeMO Protocol rev.0.9 Certified
Rated Input Three-phase Three –wire AC200V 50/60Hz Single-phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Power Receiving Capacity 24kVA 36kVA Less than 59kVA Less than 36kVA*1
Output Voltage DC50~450V
Output Current DC0~50A DC0~75A DC0~125A DC0~75A
Output Power 0~20kW 0~30kW 0~50kW 0~30kW
Conversion Efficiency More than 90%
Dimensions (W)×(D)×(H)(mm) 550 × 1,700 × 800 (excluding protruding parts)
Weight Approx.225kg Approx.245kg Approx.285kg Approx.245kg
Usage Location Outdoor
Ambient temperature -10ー+40℃*2
Humidity 30~90%RH

*1. At AC200V input, DC400V output and maximum output current
*2. Mounting a heater for cold regions enables use even at temperatures of -10℃ or low. 
(Option available only for SDQC-30-U)

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