Industry Equipment

What supports manufacturing? We are in an era where robots can gather materials, process them on production lines, and carry out everything up to shipping work with greater precision and care than humans. Robots support manufacturing.
These robots of course also require power (energy) to operate. It is said that "half of the world's power is consumed by motors", and this is what drives modern manufacturing.
Shindengen is also committed to efficiently providing energy to manufacturing sites. The fusion of our power supply technologies and mounting technologies is used to provide clean power and energy to support global manufacturing.

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Suited to the large amounts of power used by industrial devices

IoT, AI, and other technologies are also used at manufacturing sites to obtain and analyze large amounts of data and carry out everything from production to shipping. Factories use large amounts of power in order to carry out processing quickly and safely with no mistakes. We carry out development of power modules to satisfy needs for both greater device power capacities and downsizing and decreasing the weight of devices. We integrate the semiconductor technologies, circuit technologies, and mounting technologies that we have cultivated over 70 years to provide high efficiency devices which reduce power consumption. We can also accommodate a variety of custom orders.

Industry Equipment

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