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  • Industry Equipment

There has been an increase in the introduction of industrial robots aimed at automating and increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes through the utilization of IoT and AI. Servers are distributed through factories for the edge computing required to process the massive amounts of data generated by the many devices installed at manufacturing sites. The shift towards electrification and digitalization is also increasing in the industrial field with further introduction of robots, and electrification of forklifts, etc. in the logistics field as well.

Our company offers a wide selection of high quality power semiconductor solutions aimed at motor drive and power conversion etc. for these industrial applications.

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can contribute to the realization of customer's industrial applications aimed at shifting to smart technologies for the manufacturing and logistics fields.

What is edge computing?
A technology where data processing is carried out by servers which are distributed close to (at the edge of) devices.
In the manufacturing field, big data is processed by edge servers (servers installed at the edge or near devices) in realtime to reduce the load on higher level systems.

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