AC/DC Power Supplies

  • AC/DC Power Supplies

Devices used in the industrial, information and communications, automotive, home appliance, etc. fields are equipped with flyback, forward, half-bridge, full bridge, or other AC/DC power supplies depending on applications and power capacities. 

Further advancement of devices has also resulted in increased power consumption, however concerns regarding global warming and environmental impact have conversely resulted in greater demand than ever before for reduction in size and higher efficiency in the power supplies which carry out power conversion.

Since our establishment, our company has built a long, proven track record of market achievements with power semiconductors aimed at switching power supplies, etc. in our main business area of power electronics.

Going forward, we will continue to contribute reduction in size and improved efficiency for more advanced devices through the development of bridge diodes, power MOSFET, power IC and other semiconductor products by utilizing the circuit technologies and knowhow which we have cultivated in the power supply market.

What is AC/DC power supply?
Alternating current (AC) is supplied to standard homes and offices, and must then be converted to 5V and 12V direct current (DC) in order to drive the above-noted electronic components.
An AC/DC power supply refers to a circuit which converts optimal power from AC to DC to drive these electronic components.

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