• Telecommunication

Big Data, AI, 5G, and other IT technologies are developing at a bewildering pace, and in addition to the computers, smartphones, and other devices which traditionally connected to the Internet, now the rapid propagation of IoT has also resulted in automobiles, information appliances, factory equipment, and a variety of other things also increasingly connecting to the Internet to transmit data.

Meanwhile, increasing communication capacities and increasing communication speeds have resulted in increased power consumption by servers and base stations, resulting in demand for reduced power consumption in devices.

Our company has worked on the development of bridge diodes, power MOSFET, power IC and other semiconductor products by utilizing the circuit technologies we have cultivated since the company's founding, to contribute to more stable operation, higher reliability, and lower power consumption in a wide range of information and communication devices. 

What is IoT?
An abbreviation for "Internet of Things".
This refers to equipping a variety of "things" other than just computers and smartphones, such as automobiles, information appliances, home equipment, factory equipment, etc., with communication functions to have them connect to the Internet and communicate with each to carry out automated recognition, automated control, and other functions.

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