Automotive Products

  • Automotive Products

Our products for four-wheel vehicles offer reliability to meet the vehicle requirements by integrating our core technologies, including our vehicle mounting technology that we have cultivated over many years in our Car Electronics Division, as well as our power semiconductor technology, power module technology and power circuit technology. In particular, the design of our power semiconductors in the power converters are optimized down to the bare chip level and feature our own internally designed MOSFETs. Now, there are various types of electronic units available for next-generation environmentally-friendly cars such as HEVs, P-HEVs, EVs and FCVs.

  • System image of EV (HEV/P-HEV) automobile

Automotive Products

DC/DC converter

  • DC/DC converter

The DC/DC converter is an insulated converter that drops the voltage, from high-voltage batteries installed on HEVs, P-HEVs, EVs and FCVs, down to 12 V and 24 V used for powering electronic automotive components. Specifications, such as forced air cooling, water cooling and waterproof specifications are available.


  • ECU

This unit electrically controls the electronic devices mounted on automobiles. The unit types available include an ADS-ECU, which controls driving stability and comfortable ride performance, as well as an RTC-EDU, which controls the toe-in angle for the rear wheels and the steering performance.

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