Lighting Control Units (Turn Signal Relays and LED Control Units)

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has improved significantly in recent years, and LED have come to be used in many motorcycle headlights and blinkers because they consume less current, do not degrade, and allow for greater freedom in vehicle design.
Our company's light device control units include integrated units which incorporate a blinker control unit along with headlight, taillight, position indicator, and other LED driver functions.

Use Lighting control (turn signals, headlights, position lamps, indicators, etc.)
Compatible products Motorcycles, golf carts, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.

Turn Signal Relay

This relay is a semiconductor relay instead of the conventional mechanical relay, and therefore there is no mechanical wear. By improving the miniaturization and reliability, our relays can provide blinking control for various applications and purposes.


  • Turn Signal Relay
  • In addition to turn signal control, support is provided for turn signal position lighting, hazard flashing when the ignition switch is OFF, turn signal user-error prevention (forget to turn off), answer back confirmation lighting and emergency stop signal.
  • Misdetection prevention when turn switch is exposed to rain or water (support for leakage current).
  • Our products can meet the needs for the lighting unit (valves, LEDs), output method (battery voltage output, constant current output), number of times blinking, and layout, etc.

LED Control Unit

This control unit is an all-in-one unit that includes lighting control, such as for the headlights (H/L), on the turn signal relay.
By integrating multiple functions, the unit is able to reduce the number of the components and wire harnesses. This can also help reduce the vehicle weight and the costs of the system.


  • LED Control Unit
  • Headlight brightness can stay constant using fixed-current control.
  • Redundant design prevents headlight function from stopping.
  • Misdetection prevention when turn switch is exposed to rain or water.
  • Unit is able to provide control on various types of lamps installed on vehicles.

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