Control Unit for Electric Motorcycle (Power Drive Unit)

Power drive units are electronic components that drive a three-phase brushless DC motor (hereinafter “motor”), which powers Electric Motorcycle*.
Controlling the motor according to the vehicle status, such as forward drive, stopping, acceleration, deceleration, going uphill or going downhill, provides smooth, consistent vehicle drive performance.

*Electric Motorcycle … Uses electrical power as an energy source to drive the motor and vehicle.

Use Motor drive control, high voltage battery charging control using motor regenerative current, communication control when charging
Compatible products Electric Motorcycles


Electric Motorcycle system management

The system manages start control for high voltage batteries and DC/DC converters, charger communication, vehicle sensor input, motor output and various load outputs.

Digital phase control

The system reads various types of vehicle information and controls the motor depending on the vehicle status in order to improve the driving performance.

Producing drive with high voltage and large currents

The motor drive has a structure that uses a highly efficient MOSFET with a 3-phase fully controlled bridge circuit. Using our power design technology that we developed, we are able reduce switching surges and power loss.

Offering various protection functions

The system is equipped with overvoltage protection for high voltage batteries, overcurrent protection during an overload, high temperature protection and electric shock protection using an insulation design.

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