Control Unit for Electric Motorcycle (Power Control Unit)

Electric motorcycles (EV) are a very effective countermeasure for the exhaust gas regulations which are becoming stricter every year, and they use a three-phase DC brushless motor instead of an engine. PCU (Power Control Units) are what drive these motors.
PCU detect vehicle information, such as battery voltage, vehicle speed, motor RPM, accelerator position, etc., in realtime, and control motor drive so that it is optimal for the vehicle conditions to achieve smooth vehicle operation when starting, accelerating, decelerating, climbing, and descending.

What are Electric Vehicles?

Vehicles which operate using electricity as their primary energy source and which can accelerate smoothly through use of an electric motor.

What are Three-phase brushless DC motors?

These motors are highly reliable, with long useable lifespans, and generate only a small amount of electrical noise because they have no mechanical contacts.
These motors are being increasingly used in vehicle installations in recent years.

Use Motor drive control, high voltage battery charging control using motor regenerative current, communication control when charging
Compatible products Electric Motorcycles


Electric Motorcycle system management

The system manages start control for high voltage batteries and DC/DC converters, charger communication, vehicle sensor input, motor output and various load outputs.

Digital phase control

The system reads various types of vehicle information and controls the motor depending on the vehicle status in order to improve the driving performance.

Producing drive with high voltage and large currents

The motor drive has a structure that uses a highly efficient MOSFET with a 3-phase fully controlled bridge circuit. Using our power design technology that we developed, we are able reduce switching surges and power loss.

Offering various protection functions

The system is equipped with overvoltage protection for high voltage batteries, overcurrent protection during an overload, high temperature protection and electric shock protection using an insulation design.


2kw PCU DU012


Input voltage range(Rating)

High voltage side : 30 - 60V
Low voltage side : 10 - 16V

Maximum output phase current

At startup (when locked) : 100Arms - 2sec
Steady state : 30Arms


114(W) x 148(L) x 40(H) (mm)
0.83 kg

Combination motor type Three phase synchronous motor
Combination battery type

Voltage : 48V (30 - 60V)

Current : Equipped with precharge function
Communication protocol : CAN

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