Environmental Risk Management

At Shindengen, we have been conducting field surveys of soil and groundwater contamination since FY1997, for companies within the Group that employed trichloroethylene in the cleaning process of semiconductor manufacturing. In February 2012, the remediation of the Shindengen Three E site was completed, and further remedial measures are underway at five more sites including Shindengen Hanno factory. Progress is regularly reported to the relevant administrative authorities.
PCB wastes owned by the Shindengen Group as well as wastes containing trace amounts of PCBs are managed according to the “Special Measures Law on Proper Disposal of PCB Waste”.In FY 2017, processing and disposal of high-concentration PCB waste stored in Akita Shindengen was safely completed. Going forward, local and national government waste disposal facilities will be utilized.
In FY2017, there were no violations of environmental laws or regulations within the Shindengen Group.

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