Approach to Biodiversity

Tenranzan Yatsu-no-sato zukuri Project

Shindengen is committed to preserving the biodiversity in the regions in which it operates.
Shindengen’s Hanno Factory is a member of the Hanno Citizen’s Congress, and participated in the “Tenranzan Yatsu-no-sato zukuri Project”. This project focused on revitalizing the natural environment, improving rice fields, and protecting birds and small animals in the local area. On December 18th, 2015, the Ministry for the Environment announced “Tenranzan and Tonosu-yama” as one of 500 important Sato Mountain sites requiring biodiversity preservation.

  • Tenranzan Yatsu-no-sato zukuri Project
  • Tonosu-yama” as one of 500 important Sato Mountain sites requiring biodiversity preservation.

Shindengen Group’s conservation actions are summarized in the following report:

Aichi TargetsShindengen Group Activities
Target 1
Developing public awareness
Evaluation of biodiversity and recognition of activities.
  • Dissemination through websites and inhouse journals.
Target 4
Sustainable production and
All related personnel implement planning for sustained production and consumption.
  • Improvements in effi ciency of product exchange.
  • Reduction in amount of waste products for fi nal disposal.
  • 3R activities etc.
Target 5
Halting habitat destruction
Reduce loss of natural habitats (including forests) by at least half, and clearly reduce deterioration and segmentation.
  • Greening management of factories for biodiversity.
Target 8
Controlling pollution by
chemical substances
Control chemical substances, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals to non-toxic levels.
  • Appropriate use and management of chemical substances in business activities and product design.
Target 9
Imported species
Control or eradicate invasive imported species.
  • Use of native and local species in factory greening.
Target 11
Preservation of protected
Preserve at least 17% in land areas and 10% in shipping.
  • Contributions to the Sainokuni Greening Fund.
  • Coastal cleanup activities etc.
Target 14
Ecosystem services
Recovery and preservation of ecosystems bringing the blessings of nature.
  • Establishment of biodiversity areas within factories, and provision of areas for rest and relaxation.
Target 19
Improvements in, and awareness of,  knowledge and technology
Improve related knowledge and science and technology.
  • Active participation in the activities of the four electrical machinery and electronics groups, and acquisition of the latest information on biodiversity.

Promotion of activities considering biodiversity included in environmental measures from 2011
Preparation of an educational DVD providing an outline of biodiversity, business activities, and education, from 2012.

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