Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality):Energy Systems & Solutions Division

A Message from the Head of Division

We offer a variety of new products including power devices and monitoring units, crafted using years of experience and expertise in designing power conversion technologies, aimed at the efficient conversion and usage of energy.
Given the current need to diversify our sources of energy, we are
passionate about making our society more sustainable and are committed to facilitating rapid access to new eco-friendly technologies, and the development and subsequent application of advanced technologies to our existing devices so as to limit their environmental impacts.

  • Yoshiharu Yokoi
    General Manager of Energy Systems & Solutions Div.
    Yoshiharu Yokoi


Rapid Response to New Requirements

High conversion-efficiency and high reliability rectifiers for Information and Communications

●High quality and high performance charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV)

A Mid-term Growth Strategy Considering Social Requirements

We will continue to develop high conversion efficiency and energy-saving devices and energygenerating devices based on power conversion technologies.

●We commit to the development of high-voltage DC power supply devices with highly efficient electrical conversion ratios to contribute to reducing electrical consumption in data centers and telecommunications buildings.

●We commit to contributing to the expansion of the charging infrastructure required by next-generation vehicles if we are to achieve our goal of living in decarbonization.

●We are promoting the development of power conversion devices that alter the charging and discharging cycles of batteries so as to ensure stable electrical supply and energy saving.


Creating Environmentally Friendly Products Based on a Growth Strategy

The Energy Systems & Solutions Division considers contributing to the creation of various energy sources in an efficient manner that ensures the safe and secure use of energy its mission. The Energy Systems Division contributes to efficient use of energy through the development of power-conversion-related efficiency technology. As such we further enhance environmentally friendly products.

[Energy Saving]

  • Rectifiers for Information and Communications
  • Chargers and Quick Chargers for EV/PHEV

Primary production base


  • Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd.

Primary environmentally friendly products from the Electronic Energy Systems & Solutions Division

  • Rectifiers for Information and Communication equipment
  • Chargers and Quick Chargers for EV/PHEV

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