Shindengen Group Human Rights Policy

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (‘Shindengen’) holds ‘Management Philosophy’, “Together with society, our customers, and our employees, Shindengen pursue company growth that benefits society, our customers and employees”, and attaches much value to relationships with society and human rights of employees.
Shindengen Group (‘the Group’ or ‘we’) respects the international norms with regards to the human rights, labor challenges and employee rights brought out by the globalization. We are also actively committed to promoting human right awareness.

1. Position of this policy

This policy shall be the base of all other policies and documents (ex. Shindengen Group Action Guidelines) related to the Group’s efforts to respect human rights across our global operations, and applies to all the executives and employees* of the Group.

The Group respects international norms on human rights, the International Bill of Human Rights (consisting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on Human Rights), the International Labour Organization’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”, the United Nations “Global Compact”, the United Nations “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, and has developed this policy based on these norms.

*employees; any persons who are employed by the company

2. Respect human rights

The Group complies with respective laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates. If a law or regulation of a country or region conflicts with an internationally recognized standard for human rights, we pursue ways to honor the internationally recognized standard.

The Group prohibits any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, social status, lineage, sex, disability, health conditions, ideology, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation or occupational status, and harassment. We are committed to responsible labor practices including the provision of a safe and healthy environment in the workplace as well as ensuring adequate working hours and minimum wage. We also commit ourselves to respecting freedom of association.

The Group opposes any form of slavery or forced labor, including human trafficking, and child labor.

3. Efforts to respect human rights

The Group recognizes that our business activities may have direct or indirect human rights impacts at every stage in the value chain, from R&D and procurement of raw materials to consumption/use of our products and services.

Based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Group shall undertake human rights due diligence measures, such as specifying and assessing the impact of its business activities on human rights, and studying ways of proactively preventing or mitigating any negative impact of those activities.
We will take appropriate measures in the event that the Group becomes aware of violation of human rights and demand that suppliers redress any violations of human rights.
We expect that all of our business partners adhere to this policy. We will work to make our suppliers aware of this Policy, and we demand their compliance.

The Group conducts education and training to ensure this policy is understood across all business activities of the Group and implemented in the respective activities.
We will continue to engage with our relevant stakeholders concerning the human rights issues associated with our business and seek to update our practices to respect human rights.
Shindengen reports on the implementation status of our human rights initiatives in accordance with this policy in our website or CSR report.

Established: April 22nd, 2019

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