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Message from the President

  • Yoshinori Suzuki, President

I am honored to present the 2018 “Shindengen Group CSR Report”.

    Our group strives to promote CSR management in practice while pursuing the management philosophy of “a company growing with customers and employees, together with society.” The company’s mission is to “contribute to humanity and society by pursuing energy conversion efficiency to the utmost.” Our brand logo conveys our values of utilizing energy effectively, being considerate of the natural environment, and better serving our customers and society.

    As we continue to promote CSR management, we will conduct various projects on social issues at home and abroad, such as striving to meet the 17 goals or “SDGs (sustainable development targets)”, that are promises to be achieved worldwide by 2030. Taking our place in the value chain into account, we are constantly thinking about how our company can respond in the medium to long term to society’s requests and expectations, and how we can contribute to the sustainable development of society and the global environment. We are committed to be a company that is trusted by shareholders, loved by local communities, and is an organization that employees and their families can be proud of.

We would appreciate it if you would take a look at this CSR Report to gain further understanding of our group’s CSR management, and would give us your opinion.


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