Message from the President

  • Nobuyoshi Tanaka, President

The Shindengen Group is promoting sustainability activities through the practice of its management philosophy and the pursuit of its above-stated mission. Our brand logo is designed to represent the Group’s value systems: effectively utilizing energy, considering the natural environment,and contributing to the growth of business and society.

Right now, corporate roles and responsibilities are undergoing radical changes. Rapid technological advancement in such fields as IoT and AI is prompting the creation of new businesses aimed at meeting the needs of future generations, a trend that is pushing many corporations to shift their business models. Furthermore, amid a globalizing economic and social environment, they are having to step up their commitment to addressing ESG issues ranging from environmental preservation to human rights protection.

The Shindengen Group aims to realize its Long-Term Vision 2030: “A power electronics company which creates environmentally friendly cutting-edge solutions via innovative technologies, contributes to a sustainable society, and continues to be needed by all stakeholders.”

Under the 16th Medium Term Business Plan (FY 2022-2024), we will continue to shift toward a product portfolio that integrates business growth with sustainability as a foundation aimed at realizing our 2030 vision. In addition, to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other demands from the global community, we will continue working on our four SDGs-related material issues while staying conscious of such ESG topics as decarbonizationin both the Group’s business activities and supply chain.

*Refer to the “Initiatives for the SDGs” section for information on how we contribute to the SDGs

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