Moving Towards Decarbonization

Initaitives to realize decarbonization

The Shindengen Group considers stopping global warming its social responsibility and strives to lower greenhouse gas emissions through its business activities.

“Concealed Normal Charger” for EVs Goes on Sale

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began accepting orders for its “concealed normal charger” for EVs from May 19, 2023. The concealed normal charger is a smart charger created through the technological power of Shindengen as a power supply manufacturer. It is based on the concepts “concealed,” “pursuing ease-of-use for an EV charger,” and “responsible manufacturing and considering a sustainable society.” The charger does not have operating buttons, but instead provides a range of services depending on the purpose of use, such as charging just by plugging in and wireless control. Since it is compact, sturdy and completely waterproof, it can also be installed on the ground. It can be used in a free layout on the ceiling, on the ground, horizontally or vertically without worry. By making EV charging simpler and easier to do, we will help popularize electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.
•The housing uses aluminum, said to be an eco-friendly material. The heat radiation mechanism and screwing flanges are made of aluminum as well, making it a product with high recycling and energy-conserving performance.
•Energy can be saved by conserving construction materials through direct installation on the ground. It can be installed on the ground or a wall using only 4 bolts.
•Low center of gravity makes it strong against natural disasters. Installing it on the ground gives it a low center of gravity, making a safe design with a lower risk of the anchor bolts breaking, falling over, or deforming compared to conventional pole-type chargers.

  • Model: PM-CS09-M-CG
    Output: 6kW(200V/30A)
    Installation: Ground, wall surface, ceiling, diagonal surfaces, unseen places, etc.
    Functions: Wireless control/output current adjustment

Yamagata Prefecture “J-Credit*” Sale Agreement Concluded

In March 2023, Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. responded to and was selected for a recruitment call for companies to purchase J-Credits, the CO2 reduction value created by Yamagata’s Prefecture’s “Yamagata Sun and Forest Association Credit” initiative. We have participated in this project since FY 2017, and in FY 2022 we concluded a sales agreement to purchase 210t-CO2. We intend to use it efficiently to offset the CO2 emitted in our business activities. *The CO2 reduction value from renewable energy created by households etc. in the prefecture, which has been certified by the government in the form of credits. It can be used to offset the CO2 emitted from business activities.

  • A letter of appreciation from Mieko Yoshimura, prefectural governor of Yamagata.

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