Moving Towards a Carbon-Free Society

1.Initiatives to create a carbon-free society

The Shindengen Group considers stopping global warming its social responsibility and strives to lower greenhouse gas emissions through its business activities.
Electric vehicles (EVs), which run on electricity, are garnering attention as a way of addressing global warming. One hurdle to their widespread adoption is charging times. From January 2021, Shindengen began selling the SDQC2F150 series quick chargers, acquiring CHAdeMO Ver. 1.2 certification※1,2 for the units and becoming the first domestic manufacturer in Japan※3 to do so for units with a maximum 150kW output. Compared with the widely adopted rapid chargers (50kW output), charging times can be shortened around 60%※4, enhancing convenience for EV users.

※1 CHAdeMO is the name of quick charging standard specifications that were formulated by the CHAdeMO Association.
※2 CHAdeMO Ver 1.2 raises the maximum electrical current from 50kW to between 150kW and 200kW, enabling high-power quick charging.
※3 As of Dec 2020, according to Shindengen
※4 Charging times differ depending on such variables as EV design and ambient temperature.

  • High-power quick charger

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