Moving Towards Decarbonization

1.Initaitives to realize decarbonization

The Shindengen Group considers stopping global warming its social responsibility and strives to lower greenhouse gas emissions through its business activities.
Calls are growing for low-power-consuming air conditioners in order to reduce the environmental burden as the number of units increases around the world. Demand is therefore growing for low-loss bridge diodes as input rectifiers for air conditioner power sources, but until now it has been difficult to improve the lightning surge*1 resistance of such diodes.
In July 2021, Shindengen launched the low-loss bridge diode LK25XB60 for the power sources of electric home appliances, including air conditioners. By adopting a new structure for its diode chips, this product achieves high lightning surge resistance at 10kV and reduces the forward voltage*2 around 9.5% compared with conventional bridge diodes, meeting market needs. Going forward, we will expand the LK series lineup to meet the wide range of needs for more highly efficient power sources, thereby contributing to lower power consumption.
*1 Lightning surge: A phenomenon when lightning causes momentarily high voltage in electric wires and enters buildings through power lines.
*2 Forward voltage: The forward voltage (VF) is the amount of voltage needed to get current to flow across a diode.

  • Low-loss bridge diode LK25XB60

The Company donated a SDQC2F60 EV quick charger to Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture. Not only can the unit charge two EVs simultaneously, it is also a handicap accessible structure so that that wheelchair users can easily approach it and maneuver around it. In addition, to accommodate diverse people, including in terms of age and gender, the form adopts universal design principles to prevent injuries from collisions and falling heavy objects.
The donation ceremony was held on February 1, 2022, at the Asaka City Hall and was attended by mayor Katsunori Tomioka and other city hall officials as well as president Yoshinori Suzuki and others from Shindengen.

  • The SDQC2F60 quick charger donated to Asaka City

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