Environmental Policies

Shindengen Group Environmental Policies

Our management philosophy and mission statement is “Together with society, our customers, and our employees, we will maximize energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society”. In doing so, we promise to “Listen closely, look ahead, and create a future of value”.
Shindengen Group employees are committed in their pursuit to develop sustainable electronics across all stages of production from development, to design, and to manufacturing. Products include semiconductors, power supply units, electrical components and solenoids.

  1. We are committed to complying with the applicable requirements including laws, regulations, and contracts.
  2. We will evaluate the impacts our business activities and products have on the environment, and we strive for continual improvement.
  3. We will regularly update our environmental management systems to improve environmental performance.

Environmental policies are applied to ISO 14001 certified companies in Shindengen Group (Japan).
Other domestic and international companies, engage in environmental activities in accordance with the environmental policies of the Group.

Kenji Horiguchi
Shindengen Group Environmental Committee Chair

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