Corporate Governance

1.Our Basic Stance

In recent years, corporations are required to arrange its governance effectively including transparency and compliance of the management. Shindengen has a fundamental principal which is engaged with maintain and improve promptly and precisely its management system in order to respond mutual development to the circumstance that is rapidly changing surrounds the management.
In addition, by separating management and execution, we are planning the coexistence of the decision-making acceleration and monitoring functional enhancement, raising the effectiveness of the internal control system through which the board of corporate auditors conducts the independent audit. As a business-management organization, we are functionally managing various conferences such as the board of directors, the management committee, the board of corporate auditors, the technology- and quality- policy meeting, the general managers’ meeting, the division directors’ meeting, etc., thereby pursuing group management which connected internal organization closely through prompt decision-making and efficient business activities. Regarding information disclosure, we strive to strengthen IR activities in order to enhance the fairness and transparency of management.

2.Corresponding with the Corporate Governance Code

Effective governance structures ensure honesty and furthers the confidence of our shareholders and other stakeholders. At Shindengen we are continually striving to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency with which we operate. Facilitating appropriate dialogue with all stakeholders (customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, government, administrative agencies and local communities) is essential.
A Compliance Committee was established in FY2015 to manage compliance risk along with establish related regulations (Details on the compliance are indicated in the Fair Business Practice).

Corporate Governance System

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