Corporate Governance

1.Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

The company's basic policy is to maintain and improve management systems which allow for prompt and appropriate response to sudden changes in the business environment while being required to ensure effective functioning of corporate governance including management transparency and compliance. In addition, the company aims to both accelerate decision making and strengthen monitoring functions by separating management and enforcement, and enhances the effectiveness of internal control systems by having the board of auditors carry out audits from an independent point of view. The management structure consists of the functional operation of each committee, including the board of directors, management committee, Audit and Supervisory Board, technical and quality policy committees, general managers committee, division managers committee, etc., and to pursue organic group management through prompt decision making and effective and efficient business conduct. The company strives to continually improve IR activities related to information disclosure in order to ensure fairer and more transparent management and business conduct.

2.Corresponding with the Corporate Governance Code

Effective governance structures ensure honesty and furthers the confidence of our shareholders and other stakeholders. At Shindengen we are continually striving to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency with which we operate. Facilitating appropriate dialogue with all stakeholders (customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, government, administrative agencies and local communities) is essential.
A Compliance Committee was established in FY2015 to manage compliance risk along with establish a Corporate Governance Code (below).

Corporate Governance System

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