Human Rights for the Employees

Labor Union Relations

Shindengen and the Group (domestic) actively ensure there are forums available for discussion between Labor Unions, Shindengen employees and Management. We strive to provide our employees with a positive, safe workplace through regularly holding meetings with labor-management councils, in efforts to achieve mutually beneficial results. Shindengen has signed a collective agreement with the Labor Union to guarantee the rights of all members.

Employee Consultation

The Shindengen Group (domestic) has established a consultation window where employees and their families can receive specialist counselor advice for daily anxiety, stress, and other troubles.
Mental health education workshops are also provided to all employees.

Zero Tolerance for Sexual and Power Harassment

The Shindengen Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and/or power harassment. Group Action Guidelines are in place to effectively manage any instances of such harassment. To prevent disturbances to workplace order, obstacles to work duties and the loss of precious human resources, we invite speakers from outside to implement harassment training for all employees. The aim of this training is to teach employees that anyone can be a victim or a perpetrator, give them an understanding of harassment and impart the communication tools needed to prevent it.

Human Rights Awareness Initiatives

In an effort to address the serious poverty and labor problems in the world, the Shindengen Group engages in raising awareness about social issues and increasing respect for human rights through CSR training courses and similar initiatives.
In addition to promoting CSR activity-related concepts such ILO core labor standards and consideration for minorities, including LGBT individuals, is part of our commitment.
We strive to continuously share details about human rights issues usinginformation dissemination tools, such as our intranet andcompany newsletters.

  • CSR Education
    CSR Education

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