Supply Chain Management

The Shindengen Group promotes ESG management in line with its management philosophy of “Together with society, our customers, and employees”.
The Shindengen Group promotes CSR activities based on the “Shindengen Group Guideline for Action,” maintaining group governance and communication with stakeholders to enhance corporate value and contribute to the international community and the local communities. Today, it is more important than ever for corporations to treat suppliers as “co-creators” as well as to promote CSR internally in light of the increasing globalization of supply chains.

Human Rights

The Shindengen Group respects the international norms about social issues and employee rights brought out by globalization. We are also actively committed to promoting human right awareness.

Labor Practice

In the Shindengen Group, we recognize that our employees are at the core of what we do. Our Human Rights Policy and Group Action Guidelines are built around respect for international human rights and labor condition laws and regulations. Ensuring “respect for human rights,” “safe working conditions,” and “awareness of health” in a workplace where employees are supported at all stages of their careers is of the utmost importance to us. Establishing a culture of caring focused on our employees’ well-being in the AI era is especially crucial in light of increasing globalization coupled with the declining birthrate and aging population.

Consumer Issues

We believe that the Shindengen Group’s “quality with real value” is the product of the outstanding efforts of each employee at every step of the supply chain, reaching all the way to customers, and we are creating products that are based on our exacting quality standards and aligned with our product development concept.

Community Involvement and Development

The Shindengen Group recognizes that long-term corporate value creation is essential to its being able to contribute to solving social issues, including climate change. With passion and purpose, contributing to the development of local communities through business and social contribution activities, we work to empower the local communities in which we operate.

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