Engaging with Local Communities

Community activities

The Shindengen Group is conducting activities aimed at ensuring harmonious coexistence with local communities and maintaining their trust.

Akita Shindengen Receives Silver Merit Medal from Japanese Red Cross Society

All of the Shindengen Group companies cooperate actively with the blood donation activities of the International Red Cross. Akita Shindengen was awarded the silver merit medal in acknowledgement of its longstanding support for the blood donation activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society. As members of their local communities, Shindengen Philippines and Shindengen Thailand are also working to popularize blood donation in order to support people who need blood transfusions.

  • Japanese Red Cross Society silver merit medal (Akita Shindengen)

Activities to Support Children

Shindengen Thailand donated items to Rangsit Babies’ Home Orphanage in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. Many children who cannot live with their families due to economic difficulties and other situations live at the orphanage. Shindengen Thailand also supports children who are trying hard to learn despite economic difficulties, such as by providing lunch to the children of hill tribes who are studying at temples.
Shindengen India also donated tableware and other items to orphans.

Support Activities for Rescue Dogs and Cats

Shindengen Thailand sent pet food to a rescue facility for stray cats and dogs, providing support to reduce the number of unfortunate animals as best as they can.

Contribution to Education

In order to support the next generation, the Shindengen Group is making various social contributions to education.

As a partner company of Dualtech Training Center, a vocational school, Shindengen Philippines has been acclaimed for accepting interns and providing training subsidies, and it was awarded the Best Collaborator Award. Shindengen Philippines also donated school supplies, printers, displays, masks, and alcohol for sterilization to nearby schools to help the children return to face-to-face classes in a safe environment. Shindengen Thailand donated computer equipment to schools in Udon Thani Province. Together with other companies in the industrial park, Shindengen Vietnam donated equipment and provided scholarships to local elementary and middle schools. Shindengen Indonesia donated to a school for Japanese people and supported Japanese children studying overseas.

  • Donated used computers
    (Shindengen Thailand)

Donated to Asaka City’s Green Urban Development Fund

In February 2023, Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made a donation to the Green Urban Development Fund established by Asaka City, Saitama. We have set “Contributing to a society in harmony with nature” as one of the goals in our Environmental Vision 2050, so we continually engage in initiatives that promote harmony between the environment and the local community. This urban development fund was established to provide the funding needed to preserve green areas and promote greening in Asaka City.

  • Left :Katsunori Tomioka, Mayor Asaka City 
    Right:Yoshinori Suzuki, President

Supporting areas affected by natural disasters

The Shindengen Group provides various types of aid with the hope of enabling the recovery of areas affected by natural disasters.
Shindengen Philippines made donations to the victims of the flooding and heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Storm Nalgae which occurred in October 2022 and caused enormous damage, mainly to Mindanao island in the Philippines. Shindengen Indonesia donated money to help with relief efforts for the earthquake that occurred in western Java in November 2022.

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s Asaka Office won the FY 2022 Good Design Award

The Asaka Office of Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company’s main location, was awarded the FY 2022 Good Design Award (organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). The office, which started operating in April 2021, has four concepts: “concentration of functions and increased productivity,” “environmental advancement,” “pleasant and easy to work in,” and “safety and peace of mind.” The building contains an atrium which facilitates natural lighting and ventilation, and it actively uses energy-saving technologies such as an air-conditioning system with floor vent air conditioning and a humidity controlling outdoor-air unit, and CO2 automatic control, making it a building which is conscious of the surrounding environment.

Community Cleaning and Tree Planting Activities

Maintaining the beauty of the local environment makes life and work more pleasant and rich. Higashine Shindengen conducted beautification activities in the area around its factory to show its gratitude to the community. In addition, Shindengen Three E conducted cleanup activities around each base twice a year as part of local environmental contribution activities in line with its awareness as a corporate citizen. The company also cooperated with actions to encourage recycling and reduce plastic waste by registering as an organization for the Saitama Prefecture Casual Local Cleanup Program and participating in the Saitama Prefecture Plastic Waste Zero Week.
Shindengen Thailand cleaned up the gutters and roads around the company. Shindengen Philippines participated in cleaning up the beaches of Paranaque City. They also contributed to greening the community by participating in beach cleanup and mangrove planting activities in the Province of Batangas and tree-planting and river cleaning in Calamba City.

  • Higashine Shindengen’s beautification activity
  • Cleanup activities (Shindengen Three E)

Activities Rooted in Local Communities

The globally operating Shindengen Group is working on activities to contribute to local communities led by employees with the aim of becoming more closely engrained in each community.
There are many Buddhist temples in Thailand, and they play an important part in the lives of the Thai people. Lumphun Shindengen considers building strong ties with nearby temples a good way to contribute to the community.
Shindengen Thailand made donations to Phrabat Nam Phu temple in Lopburi Province in central Thailand. The management of the temple, which takes in HIV carriers and AIDS patients and gives them lifestyle support, is supported by voluntary donations. Shindengen Thailand also supported the food expenses of a workhouse that accommodates people who need assistance because of economic difficulties. Together with other companies in the Thang Long industrial park, Shindengen Vietnam donated to the government’s disaster prevention fund. Shindengen Indonesia participated with other companies in Lebaran (end of Ramadan) activities in the GIIC industrial park, where it is located, and donated to neighbors of the park. Akita Shindengen clips the stamps from envelopes it receives so that the postmarks remain, stores them, and donates them to the Honjo Corporate Association.

  • Lumphun Shindengen’s donated fire extinguishers and usage education

Giving factory tours to students

Every year, the Shindengen Group factories proactively invite students to tour their facilities in order to give them a glimpse of what is it like to work for a manufacturer.
After receiving requests from the Akita Local Revitalization Agency and the University of Akita, Akita Shindengen provided factory tours and internships for middle school, high school, and university students. Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch Co., Ltd. accepted students from Kindai University and Kinki University Faculty of Junior College Division for company tours and internships. They also cooperate in educating students about on-site work through company information sessions as part of the lessons at the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Kumamoto College. Shindengen Philippines accepts interns as a partner company of a technical school called Dualtech Training Center. Shindengen Thailand accepted nine interns from universities in Thailand, and Lumphun Shindengen accepted seven interns from universities and technical colleges and taught them various things through workplace experiences and other means.

  • Training of the electric engineer
       (Lumphun Shindengen)

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