Engaging with Local Communities

Community activities

The Shindengen Group is conducting activities aimed at ensuring harmonious coexistence with local communities and maintaining their trust.

1. The Golden Order of Merit from the Japanese Red Cross Society(Shindengen Three E)

Shindengen Three E was awarded the Golden Order of Merit in August 2020 in recognition of over 20 years of cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society in the area of blood donation. The company holds blood drives twice a year. Although we refrained from participating in fiscal 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, going forward we will continue working as a member of the local communities in which we operate to make blood donation more widely accepted and to support people who need blood transfusions.

  • The Golden Order of Merit(Shindengen Three E)

2. Contribution to Education(Shindengen Thailand; Shindengen Vietnam; Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch)

In order to support the next generation, the Shindengen Group is making various social contributions to education.
In September 2020, Shindengen Thailand’s entire staff came together to clean and refurbish buildings at two schools in Suphan Buri Province and helped fund scholarships. Vietnam Shindengen and other companies in its industrial park donated supplies to local elementary and middle schools and provided scholarships. In Japan, after the suspension of the National High School Baseball Championship due to COVID-19, Shindengen Kumamoto Techno-Research applied to the news ticker support plan of the independently held 2020 Summer Kumamoto High School Baseball Championship to post encouraging messages.

  • Cleaning and refurbishment of school equipment(Shindengen Thailand)

3. Collaboration Featuring the Asaka Mascot Popotan (Shindengen)

Shindengen’s Asaka Office plays an important role in interacting with the residents and communities of Asaka. One way we have worked to build rapport with local residents has been the display of a poster featuring the Asaka mascot Popotan on the fence surrounding the site where our new Asaka Office was being constructed. The poster was created in collaboration with the city of Asaka. The Kurome River that flows through Asaka City is famous for its cherry blossoms. The poster uses this famous site as a background and promotes our goal of giving back to the local community through Shindengen’s eco-friendly business activities.

  • The poster on the fence surrounding our construction site

4. Activities to Support Children(Shindengen Thailand)

To support children’s futures, Shindengen Thailand donated food and supplies for children (orphans) through the Rangsit Baby Home Orphanage in Pathumthani Province. In addition, we provided lunches and made donations to orphans at the Wat Bot Woradit School in Ang Thong Province.

  • Activities to Support Children(Shindengen Thailand)

5. Supporting COVID-19 countermeasures (Shindengen India)

In May and June 2021, Shindengen India donated disinfectant and respiratory protection supplies, such as N95 masks, to clinics in Karnataka State to support the healthcare professionals providing treatment for COVID-19 and people working hard to prevent the spread of infection.

  • Healthcare materials, including masks, donated by Shindengen India

6. Supporting areas affected by natural disasters (Higashine Thailand; Shindengen Thailand)

The Shindengen Group provides various types of aid with the hope of enabling the recovery of areas affected by natural disasters.
Higashine Shindengen values its connections with communities and people, and has provided recovery aid to areas affected by flooding in Yamagata Prefecture caused by record rainfall in July 2020.
Shindengen Thailand donated money and supplies, such as precooked food, as aid to people affected by flooding in Nakhon Ratchasima Province in October 2020 and in Prachinburi Province on November 11, 2020.

  • Aid to flooded areas from Higashine Shindengen

7. Neighborhood cleanup activities (Higashine Shindengen; Shindengen Three E)

Higashine Shindengen conducted beautification activities in the area around its factory to show its gratitude to the community. Recognizing its responsibility as a corporate citizen, Shindengen Three E conducts cleanup activities twice a year in the area around its bases as part of its local environmental activities.

  • Higashine Shindengen's beautification activity

8. Donation of fire extinguishers to the temple(Lumphun Shindengen)

There are many Buddhist temples in Thailand, and Thai people have a strong affinity for these temples. Lumphun Shindengen considers building strong bonds with temples a way to contribute to the community. Employees visit nearby temples to donate fire extinguishers, offer guidance on their use, and provide education to instill basic fire safety knowledge.

  • Donation of fire extinguishers to the temple from Lumphun Shindengen

9. Giving factory tours to students

Every year, the Shindengen Group factories proactively invite students to tour their facilities in order to give them a glimpse of what is it like to work for a manufacturer.
Okabe Shindengen held briefing sessions about the manufacturing industry and its benefits to students of Saitama Prefecture’s Yoriijouhoku High School with the purpose of fostering career perspectives as part of career education.
At the request of the Akita Regional Promotion Bureau and schools, Akita Shindengen provided factory tours and internships to high school and university students and cooperated on social activities.
Higashine Shindengen accepted interns from colleges so they could learn about work and its rewards.
Shindengen Thailand accepted four interns from universities in Thailand and Shindengen Lumphun accepted 11 interns from universities and technical colleges, and both provided workplace experience.

  • The briefing session of Yoriijouhoku High School(Okabe Shindengen)

10. Donated a Step Bench to the Central Square in Asaka (Shindengen)

In March 2021, Shindengen issued private placement bonds handled by Saitama Resona Bank with the aim of achieving stable business growth. These are Private Placement CSR Bonds with Donations that enable the donation of supplies to local communities using a portion of the fees gained from their issuance. In April 2021, we opened a new office in Asaka, Saitama prefecture. To help develop the local community, we donated the Green Terrace step bench to the city. It is used as a place for relaxation for the people visiting the city’s Central Square, where the bench is installed.

  • The donated step bench

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