Engaging with Local Communities

Community activities

The Shindengen Group is conducting activities aimed at ensuring harmonious coexistence with local communities and maintaining their trust.

1.Awarded by the Philippine Red Cross for the 13th Consectutive Year (Shindengen Philippines)

Shindengen Philippines was awarded for the 13th consecutive year for its collaboration in the blood donation business of the Philippine Red Cross. Blood donation campaigns were conducted three times in fiscal 2021. As a member of the local community, the company is working to promote blood donation to support people who need blood transfusions.

  • 13th consecutive year award from the Philippine Red Cross
    (Shindengen Philippines)

2.Contribution to Education(Shindengen Philippines、Shindengen Thailand、Shindengen Vietnam、Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch)

In order to support the next generation, the Shindengen Group is making various social contributions to education.
Shindengen Philippines was awarded Best Collaborator Award for providing subsidies for training as well as for accepting eight interns from Dualtech Training Center, a technical school that it is a partner company of.
Shindengen Thailand donated 14 used in-house computers to schools who need them for education and studies in fiscal 2021.
Shindengen Vietnam and other companies in its industrial park donated supplies to local elementary and middle schools and provided scholarships.
In Japan, to enable high school students to continue enjoying sports activities during the pandemic, Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch applied to the new ticker support plan of the 103rd National High School Baseball Championship, which involves posting encouraging messages.

  • Donated used computers (Shindengen Thailand)

3.Activities to Support Children(Shindengen India、Akita Shindengen)

Shindengen India donated new clothes and small beds for newborns to health clinics run by the Indian government to support the future of children.

Akita Shindengen clips and collects used and postmarked stamps from mail it receives for donation to the Honjo Corporate Association. In fiscal 2021, the company collected 2,277 used stamps and through the Honjo Corporate Association supported children by distributing safety seals and donating the stamps to libraries.

  • Child beds and other donations to a health clinic
    (Shindengen India)

4.Supporting COVID-19 countermeasures(Shindengen Thailand、Lumphun Shindengen、Shindengen India)

Shindengen Thailand donated 212 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 in fiscal 2021 to foundations, temples, and other institutions needing to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Lumphun Shindengen donated medical devices related to countering the spread of COVID-19 to local medical institutions.

Shindengen India donated masks and disinfectants to health clinics run by the Indian government and local police departments to support safe medical and public front lines in the face of the protracted pandemic.

  • Donated medical devices from Lumphun Shindengen
  • Donated masks and other supplies from Shindengen India

5.Supporting areas affected by natural disasters(Shindengen Philippines、Shindengen Thailand)

The Shindengen Group provides various types of aid with the hope of enabling the recovery of areas affected by natural disasters.

Employees of Shindengen Philippines voluntarily donated money to people affected by Super Typhoon Odette, which caused significant damage to the area around Mindinao in the Philippines in December 2021.
Shindengen Thailand donated premade meals to support areas afflicted by flooding in Ang Thong Province in 2021.

  • Support from Shindengen Thailand for flooded areas

6.Neighborhood cleanup activities(Higashine Shindengen; Shindengen Three E)

Maintaining the beauty of the local environment makes life and work more pleasant and rich.

Higashine Shindengen conducted beautification activities in the area around its factory to show its gratitude to the community. In addition, Shindengen Three E conducts cleanup activities around each base twice a year as part of local environmental contribution activities in line with its awareness as a corporate citizen. The company also collaborates on actions to encourage recycling and reduce plastic waste by participating in the Saitama Prefecture Plastic Waste Zero Week and registering as an organization for the Saitama Prefecture Casual Local Cleanup Program.

  • Higashine Shindengen’s beautification activity
  • Cleanup activities (Shindengen Three E)

7.Activities Rooted in Local Communities (Lumphun Shindengen、Shindengen Thailand、Shindengen Indonesia、Akita Shindengen)

The globally operating Shindengen Group is working on activities to contribute to local communities led by employees with the aim of becoming more closely engrained in each community.
There are many Buddhist temples in Thailand, and they play an important part in the lives of the Thai people. Lumphun Shindengen considers building strong ties with nearby temples a good way to contribute to the community. In fiscal 2021, employees visited nearby temples to donate fire extinguishers, offer guidance on their use, and provide education to instill basic fire safety knowledge.
Shindengen Thailand collected employee donations for the Wat Pwet Nimit (Temple) in Krongulan District, Pathum Thani Province. In addition, the company donated clothes and goods to support poor people in the Chen Lai district, which has connections with employees.
Shindengen Indonesia participated with other companies in Lebaran (end of Ramadan) activities in the GIIC industrial park, where it is located, and donated to neighbors of the park. In addition, the company welcomes local shops to set up in its in-house canteen.
Akita Shindengen was awarded the Enticement Company Permanent Location Award by the Akita Prefecture Company Enticement Promotion Association for its efforts to develop the local economy in part by maintaining and expanding employment over the 50 years since it was established in Akita.

  • Lumphun Shindengen’s donated fire extinguishers and usage education
  • Enticement Company Permanent Location Award (Akita Shindengen)

8.Giving factory tours to students

Every year, the Shindengen Group factories proactively invite students to tour their facilities in order to give them a glimpse of what is it like to work for a manufacturer.

After receiving requests from the Akita Local Revitalization Agency and the University of Akita, Akita Shindengen provided factory tours, internships, and briefings on production management systems for middle school, high school, and university students as a way to collaborate on social activities.
Higashine Shindengen accepted interns from community colleges to help them better understand the work and the sense of accomplishment it offers.
Shindengen Thailand accepted five interns from universities in Thailand. Shindengen Lumphun accepted 18 interns from universities and technical colleges. Shindengen Indonesia accepted student trainees from ITS Surabaya Engineering University so they could learn about a variety of topics through hands-on workplace experience.

  • Student training (Shindengen Indonesia)

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