Enhancing Health Management

Health Management Promotion Activities

The Shindengen Group endeavors to keep its employees healthy both mentally and physically as part of its efforts to promote work-life balance. To encourage interest in health and eating habits, the Asaka Office of Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. used devices to conduct blood vessel age checks on interested persons. Participants received advice on how to take the nutrients (dietary fiber) they needed, depending on the results. Additionally, the canteen that provides lunch to employees is certified as a Saitama Health Promotion Cooperating Store, and it helps employees stay healthy in a delicious way through a “Kobaton” (Saitama prefecture’s mascot) healthy menu. On November 12, 2022, the Shindengen Manufacturing Health Insurance Association participated in the Chichibu Mountain Pass Walk organized by the Saitama Health Insurance Federation as an organization. In fine fall weather, 39 members took approximately 4 hours to walk a total distance of about 10km from Nogami Station to Hagure Station on the Chichibu Railway, enjoying picking mandarin oranges along the way. Akita Shindengen dispatched three employees to participate as coaches and players on the Akita Prefecture team in the men’s softball event at the Tohoku Games. This was a show of support for sports.

  • Blood vessel age check (Asaka Office)
  • Mountain Pass Walking Tour in Chichibu

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