Promotion of Diversity

1. Assistance in Balancing Work, Childcare and Nursing Care

Shindengen and some Shindengen Group companies in Japan offer various types of leave, including for hospitalization, maternity, and miscarriage, as well as options for childcare and health management, including reduced working hours, flexible commuting times, and extension of break times. The ongoing expansion of leave programs for childcare and nursing is under way. Regarding the work-from-home policy implemented as a COVID-19 countermeasure, we adopted a flex-time system and have made it permanent from January 2021.

Shindengen’s Hanno factory, Shindengen Three E and Okabe Shindengen support Saitama Prefecture’s “Saitama Womanomics Project” and offer a truly equal employment environment for female employees. As a result of their efforts to provide a better working environment for women as well as childcare programs they received a gold certificate acknowledging their status as a “Company with a Diversified Working Environment” from the local government.

Annual Statistics for Maternity and Childcare Leave

FY 2018

FY 2019

FY 2020

Number of people obtaining maternity leave

3 5 5

Number of people obtaining childcare leave

7 10 11

(Within) Number of men obtaining childcare leave

3 6 4

Reinstatement rate following childcare leave (%)

100.0 88.9 100.0

Annual Statistics for Nursing Leave

FY 2018

FY 2019

FY 2020

Number of people obtaining  nursing leave

0 3 0

2. Improvement of Working Environments

Shindengen provides employees with the opportunity to take long-term career leave depending on their length of employment with the aim of refreshing their minds and bodies and raising their motivation to work. In addition, we responded to workstyle reform-related laws in part by mandating five paid days off be taken per year and ensuring the same pay for the same work. We are also trying to ensure a comfortable environment by various means, such as establishing a no-overtime workday and setting overtime work limits.

Annual Statistics for Paid Holiday

FY 2018

FY 2019

FY 2020

Rate of taking paid holidays(%)          

63.8 66.4 54.5

3. Encouragement and Reward System for Raising Employees’ Incentives

Shindengen established a prize-payment system for inventions, suggestions and the acquisition of public certifications as well as the TOEIC incentive system in order to promote the better performance of employees in R&D activities, various workplaces and duties. In FY 2020, we added public qualifications and there were 26 prizes awarded for those who acquired public qualifications.

4. Initiative for the "Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace"

On March 31, 2016, Shindengen notified the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of its action plan regarding the Act on Women’s Promotion. Since the overall ratio of female employees is low at Shindengen, there are relatively fewer departments and/or positions where female employees can be found. Shindengen is focused on workforce gender diversity and providing women with opportunities to lead. Gender equality is fundamental to our ability to make progress and for our business to more broadly move beyond the need for target setting and into an environment where true gender equality is achieved.

Goal of its current initiative for the Act.

  • Increasing the ratio of hiring female graduates to 30%;
  • Providing equal opportunity to female employees in a wide range of departments and occupations; 
  • Further promotion of work-life balance programs.

Shindengen Indonesia was awarded first place in the Companies Empowering Women Awards sponsored by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Around 60% of Shindengen Indonesia’s employees are women. The company established an in-house medical facility, and medical professionals support the health of employees. The company has prepared a wide range of programs, from providing care and counseling for new and expectant mothers to coordinating with local medical institutions. In addition, the company is upgrading work environments to ensure employees in various careers can work comfortably and reliably.

  • The Companies Empowering Women Award (Shindengen Indonesia)

5. Equal Employment: Disabilities and Ageing Employees

Shindengen is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. We strive to provide opportunities to people with disabilities and achieved a rate of 2.25% in FY 2020. We also support people approaching retirement age with the “second career system,” a program committed to re-hiring those who retire at 60 years of age and wish to extend their career to the age of 65.

6.Support of Success of Foreign Employees

At the Shindengen Group, we realize that in an increasingly globalized business world, it is essential to harness the strengths offered by individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. In line with the Shindengen Group Human Rights Policy, we respect different values, cultures, and experiences (regardless of nationality, race, or gender) and provide opportunities for employees to demonstrate their characters. We believe that this will create values and businesses that meet social changes and mentally enrich employees.

Change in number of foreign national workers

FY 2018

FY 2019

FY 2020

Number of foreign workers                                                                                        14 10 17

Number of foreign workers at management level                                                                   

6 7 7

(Within)Number of foreign workers at or above the department manager level  ※including workers seconded

4 4 4

Consolidated number of foreign workers                                                     

2,828 2,808 2,738

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