Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality):Electronic Device Division Group

A Message from the Head of Division Group

Our Division tries to remain one of the top Power Semiconductor manufacturers which contributes to improving energy efficiency across the globe by developing products using its unique technology.

  • Hirofumi Matsuo
    Division Director of Electronic Device Div. Group
    Hirofumi Matsuo


Enhance key semiconductors technology and Ensure technology superiority

  • A diode product lineup that boasts high-quality automotive mounting and a large market share worldwide

  • Power MOSFET and IC products with high current capacity, high efficiency, energy efficiency, and high quality suitable for automotive applications.

  • Power modules that contribute to higher heat dissipation and smaller unit size while allowing the greater consolidation and simplification of assembly processes by fully leveraging the unique characteristics of various semiconductor components

A Mid-term Growth Strategy Considering Social Requirements

Increasing environmental awareness has made inverter motor drives and electronic controls more popular in the car electronics and industrial machinery markets. Additionally, there has been a rapid growth in the demand for downsizing and for drive and control parts that are highly efficient. This division aims to create new demand by applying its proprietary mounting technology to make modular devices that use new materials. It will expand its lineup of products featuring lower loss, higher voltage, and higher current capacity in smaller sizes for use in its acclaimed power semiconductors. In this way, we contribute to global society by increasing the energy conversion rate.
We are also committed to integrating semiconductor and circuit technologies by increased cooperation with our Car Electronics and Energy System & Solutions Divisions, thereby promoting the development of advanced devices with features and mounting shapes suitable for use in various sophisticated and highly efficient applications.

Creating Environmentally Friendly Products Based on the Growth Strategy

  • We are promoting the development of compact, high efficiency devices optimized for the mobility market, which is promoting eco-friendly electric vehicles.

  •  We are promoting the development of eco-friendly, low loss, high efficiency devices, such as those for renewable energy and energy storage.
  •  We are promoting the development of small, high efficiency devices designed to conserve energy in households, such as lighting and home appliances.
  • We are promoting the development of high voltage and high efficiency devices designed for the industrial machinery market aiming to promote automation and labor savings.

Primary environmentally friendly products from the Electronic Devices Division

Primary production base


  • Akita Shindengen Co., Ltd.
  • Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.


  • Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd (Thailand).
  • Shindengen Philippines Corp. 

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