Green Procurement

The Action to a Green Supply

As the global environmental conditions worsen, how far we can reduce environmental burdens becomes imperative for realizing a sustainable society.
Each Shindengen Group Company Will Scrutinize if Materials, Parts and Components in Our Products are Environmental-Friendly or not , and Procure Environmental-Friendly Products by Priority for our Proactive Efforts to Promote the “Green Procurement.”
The Green Procurement Standards Gives General Directions for Promoting the Shindengen Group Green Procurement Standards and Provide Specific Requirements and How to Manage the Standards.
The Shindengen Group Companies Will Give Priority on Transactions and Procurement of Products to Vendors and Suppliers Who Satisfy the Green Procurement Standards to Promote Manufacturing Environmental-Friendly Products Under the Cooperation with such Vendors and Suppliers.

Shindengen Group: Green Procurement Standards

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Green Procurement Standards 13.2 May 9,2024

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