Procurement Policy

Our Basic Stance

In accordance with the “Shindengen group guideline for action,” the group’s procurement sections strive to enhance its corporate value and pursue mutual development with business partners through the purchase of necessary materials and services, etc., from the global market with an emphasis on appropriate quality, cost, and delivery time in order to provide customers with the high-quality products they need.

Shindengen Group Materials Procurement Policy

(1) Compliance with legislation and social norms

  1. Compliance with legislation and regulations
    We observe the applicable laws, regulations, and social norms (environment, human rights, labor, safety, sanitation, ethics, etc.) of each country and region.
  2. Fair and equitable business activities
    Regardless of business size or nationality, we ensure our procurement operations are handled in a fair and equitable manner. Quality, cost, delivery time, and reliability of supply are all considered.

(2) Green procurement

As part of our global environmental conservation activities, we strive for green procurement. This involves the procurement of materials with smaller environmental impacts taking into consideration energy conservation, materials usage, chemical management, and the impact on biological diversity.

(3) Establishment of partnerships

We strive to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our customers based on long-term trust and offering superior products and services.

(4) Quality, delivery period, and stable supply

  1. Securing high quality
    To assure and continually improve the quality of our products, we request suppliers establish quality management systems and undergo third-party quality certification in conformity with the ISO9000 family of standards.
  2. Securing delivery period and establishing a stable supply system
    To best meet our customers’ demands for stable supply under changing conditions, we request our suppliers to secure delivery periods and establish stable material and/or service supply systems.
  3. Continuing supply in instances of disasters or emergencies
    In the event of disasters or emergencies such as earthquakes and floods, we request that our suppliers share supply chain information that may impact the procurement process for our customers.  Additionally, we encourage our suppliers even under normal circumstances to engage in their own risk management activities in order to minimize any disruption during times of disasters or emergencies.

(5) Support for local procurement

We support local procurement and local production.

(6) Requests of our customers

  1. Compliance with laws and social norms
    We request our customers to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and to observe the applicable laws, regulations, and social norms (environment, human rights, labor, safety, sanitation, ethics, etc.) of each country and region.
  2. Sound business activities
    We request our customers to promote sound and fair business activities to build long-term mutual cooperation and trust.
  3. VA/VE activities
    We request our customers to provide suggestions and propose new materials or cost improvement activities through their VA/VE activities.
  4. Shortening the procurement period
    We request our customers to be capable of adapting quickly and flexibly to changes in the market.

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