Concept and Initiatives for Sustainability

To increase corporate value in the medium to long term, the Shindengen Group has established a Basic Sustainability Policy, based on which it conducts its business activities.                                                                 

Corporate Mission

Maximizing energy conversion efficiency for the benefit ofhumanity and society.

The Shindengen Group’s Basic Sustainability Policy

The Shindengen Group will actively promote ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) management as we pursue our corporate mission. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and strive to enhance our corporate value from a long-term perspective.
To this end, we will:
・Contribute toward achieving the goals of “decarbonization,” “a recycle-oriented society,” and
“a society in harmony with nature” in line with our Environmental Vision.
・Respect human rights and diversity and strive to improve stakeholder engagement.
・Strive to create a safe and secure workplace that is rewarding to work in through the development of human resources and improvements to the internal environment.
・Conduct management in a fair and transparent manner as we live up to the trust and
expectations of a wide range of stakeholders. 

Governance and Risk Management Concerning Sustainability as a Whole

Concerning material issues in the environment and society that we contribute to through our business activities, we conduct risk and opportunity analysis within the ESG framework and have identified four issues as ESG Material Issues: “Providing value through environmentally friendly products,” “Harmony between the environment and our business activities,” “Creating diverse and fulfilling workplaces,” and “Strengthening fair and highly transparent business foundations.” By implementing these ESG Material Issues in tandem with our Medium Term Business Plan, we will contribute to solving social and environmental issues and create sustainable corporate value. To implement these, we have established a Sustainability Committee chaired by the President, and organized related committees under this committee so that issues concerning sustainability can be managed in an integrated way. Additionally, in order to pursue initiatives accurately in line with the Basic Sustainability Policy, we formulate and assess targets centered on the implementation of ESG Material Issues, and we reflect verifications, assessments and overall results of the degree of achievement in the following fiscal year’s indicators.

Sustainability/CSR implementation system

The Shindengen Group is expanding its CSR activities in line with the core subjects of ISO26000.

As we continue to engage in CSR activities going forward, we consider social issues such as holding fair competition and human rights in high regard, ensuring a safe and easy-to-work environment as well as implementing countermeasures for environment problems. We continue to support sustainable development in
society and the global environment in terms of the value chain in order to gain the trust of customers and shareholders, to maintain a positive reputation in the region and in society and to ensure that
employees and their families are proud of the company

Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality)

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