Health and Safety

1. Health and Safety Management

The Shindengen Group is committed to promoting health and safety throughout the entire Group

2. Health and Safety Activities

Shindengen Thailand received praise for its initiatives related to worker health and safety in Pathum Thani Province and received the FY2021 Excellent Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Award. An environmental manager at Shindengen Philippines entered the logo creation contest for the Advocates, Leaders and Professionals in Environment Safety and Health (ALPrESH), and their logo design (shown below) won. This logo has a caduceus representing health, a plant representing the environment, a hard hat representing safety, and a gear representing the manufacturing industry, all surrounded by three leaves formed by interlocking hands. This represents the collaborative relationships among members to encourage self-awareness and initiatives for health, the environment, and safety as promoted by Shindengen Philippines.
Leveraging the advantage of its office environment having acquired CASBEE Wellness Office Certification,* Shindengen aims to enhance security and safety as well as environments in which it is easy to work.
*CASBEE Wellness Office is a tool for evaluating initiatives, performance, and building design to support maintaining and increasing the health and comfort of building users. It evaluates not only elements that directly affect the health and comfort of workers within the building but also elements that help enhance intellectual productivity and performance related to security and safety.

  • Excellent Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Award (Shindengen Thailand)
  • The logo created by the employee (Shindengen Philippines)
  • CASBEE Wellness Office Certification (Shindengen)

3.Traffic Safety Activity

The Shindengen Group has established the ‘Traffic Leadership Committee’ to manage the prevention of traffic accidents during everyday operations, whilst commuting, and whilst our employees are on business trips, incorporating local opinions.
Akita Shindengen received the “silver prize” as an excellent safety driving business site under a joint traffic safety commendation program sponsored by Akita Prefectural Police and Japan Safe Driving Center, thanks to its work on safe driving and raising employee awareness. In addition, on Higashine Shindengen supports efforts for calling out traffic warnings by crossing guards at intersections of neighboring factories during traffic safety awareness periods. As an excellent organization addressing traffic safety problems, Lumphun Shindengen received the Prime Minister Road Safety Award from Thailand’s prime minister in December 2021 and participated in the awards ceremony held in Bangkok in May 2022.

4.Acquisition of ISO 45001 Certification

The Asaka Office of Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture) and Okabe Shindengen Co., Ltd. (Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture) acquired the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems ISO 45001 certification.
ISO 45001 defines the construction and operation of systems that provide safe and healthy workplaces and prevent injuries and diseases related to the labor of working people. Since being published in 2018, the standard has spread around the world, especially in Europe, where interest is particularly high for occupational health and safety.
The Shindengen Group strives to continually improve occupational health and safety, upgrades work environments focused on employee health and safety, enhances productivity, and ensures business continuity. Among the 17 SDGs, the Group’s efforts relate to number 3 (Good health and well-being for all) and number 8 (Decent work and economic growth).

5.Establishment of the Shindengen Group Health and Safety Policy

In September 2021, to meet the requirements of ISO 45001, we formulated an occupational health and safety policy covering the entire Shindengen Group with the aim of further enhancing our occupational health and safety activities.

Shindengen Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our management philosophy and mission statement is "Stay with society, our customers, and our employees, we will maximize energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society”. In doing so, we promise to “Listen closely, look ahead, and create a future of value”.

Based on our management philosophy and corporate philosophy, Shindengen Group employees will aim both achievement of sustainable development goals in the electronics field and occupational safety and health through business activities such as the development, design, and manufacturing of semiconductors, power supply units, and electrical components. To that end, we will execute the following activities.

1.We adhere to legal and other relevant requirements to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.
2.We secure the discussion and participation of workers and their representatives in the operation of occupational health and safety management systems, use risk assessments and other tools to eliminate sources of risk, and aim to eradicate and prevent occupational accidents through efforts to reduce occupational health and safety risk.
3.We properly operate and continually improve occupational health and safety management systems and provide safe and healthy work conditions.
This policy applies to the following parts of the Shindengen Group that are working to obtain ISO 45001 certification.
・ Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.Asaka Office
・ Okabe Shindengen Co., Ltd.

Other Shindengen Group companies in Japan and overseas will develop occupational safety and health activities in accordance with this policy.

Kenji Horiguchi
Established in September 2021

6.Activities on Disaster Prevention and Response

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and floods in Thailand are recent reminders of the importance of having a disaster-response plan in place. The Shindengen Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures risks are managed appropriately at times of large-scale disaster. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Committee has strengthened the disaster-response and business-continuity measures in place to protect employees and businesses.
Overseas Group companies that handle production periodically hold disaster prevention drills tailored to the characteristics of their countries. In addition, domestic Group companies that handle production work to raise awareness of disaster prevention by conducting annual comprehensive fire drills, including water-discharge exercises, to ensure that every employee can practice what they are expected to do in emergencies.

7. Products that Contribute to Safety

In line with its corporate mission, the Shindengen Group develops, designs, produces, and sells eco-friendly technology spanning a wide range of fields, namely mobility, the environment and energy, industrial machinery, data and communications, and home appliances. This technology can also be used in fields that protect people’s lives and livelihoods, contributing to safety.
With modern vehicles continuing to become more electric, computerized, and network-connected, they are being installed with an increasingly wide variety of electronic control units (ECUs). Shindengen has developed the highly reliable surge-absorbing power Zener diode*1 for ECUs and other car electronics and provides optimal solutions as load dump*2 countermeasures and small motor-surrounding surge-absorbing countermeasures. With the highly responsive power Zener diode, we strive to enhance the indestructability and prevent the malfunction of car electronics due to transient voltage surges and thus contribute to a comfortable and safe mobility society.
*1 Shindengen’s power Zener diodes are generally called transient voltage suppressors (TVS). It uses characteristics related to diode breakdowns and how the voltage stays mostly the same regardless of the flowing current, the diode is used to absorb surges and protect circuits and devices. It cannot be used for constant voltage.
*2 Load dump is a charge status for batteries while the engine is running and is a transient voltage surge that occurs when the battery connection is not good or is interrupted.

ECU Protection Circuit Example
(It does not guarantee the operation of used devices.)

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