Health and Safety

1. Health and Safety Management

The Shindengen Group is committed to promoting health and safety throughout the entire Group

Initiative to Introduce ISO 45001

Since the international standard for occupational health and safety ISO 45001 was released in 2018, a global trend on this front has emerged, especially in Europe, where interest is particularly high. Amid this situation, to maintain and improve safe and healthy workplaces, Shindengen (Asaka Office) and Okabe Shindengen are taking action aimed at acquiring certification in fiscal 2021. In fiscal 2020, we updated our rules and documentation in line with the ISO 45001 standards and worked to create systems to ensure each employee understands the standards and grasps occupational health and safety issues on a more visceral level. In addition, to more deeply engrain the standards, we held internal briefings and web seminars.

Establishment of the Shindengen Group Health and Safety Policy

In September 2021, to meet the requirements of ISO 45001, we formulated an occupational health and safety policy covering the entire Shindengen Group with the aim of further enhancing our occupational health and safety activities.

Shindengen Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our management philosophy and mission statement is "Stay with society, our customers, and our employees, we will maximize energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society”. In doing so, we promise to “Listen closely, look ahead, and create a future of value”.

Based on our management philosophy and corporate philosophy, Shindengen Group employees will aim both achievement of sustainable development goals in the electronics field and occupational safety and health through business activities such as the development, design, and manufacturing of semiconductors, power supply units, and electrical components. To that end, we will execute the following activities.

1.We adhere to legal and other relevant requirements to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.
2.We secure the discussion and participation of workers and their representatives in the operation of occupational health and safety management systems, use risk assessments and other tools to eliminate sources of risk, and aim to eradicate and prevent occupational accidents through efforts to reduce occupational health and safety risk.
3.We properly operate and continually improve occupational health and safety management systems and provide safe and healthy work conditions.
This policy applies to the following parts of the Shindengen Group that are working to obtain ISO 45001 certification.
・ Shindengen Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.Asaka Office
・ Okabe Shindengen Co., Ltd.

Other Shindengen Group companies in Japan and overseas will develop occupational safety and health activities in accordance with this policy.

Kenji Horiguchi
Established in September 2021

Health and Safety Activity

To promote greater awareness of occupational health and safety among employees, seven employees of Guangzhou Shindengen participated in an essay contest with the title “Safe Production and Safe Yonghe,” sponsored by the safety inspectors and Yonghe-ting, which conducts safe production and fire safety inspections in the manufacturing industry as well as oversight and management of hazardous substances. This was an opportunity to reaffirm that to create better work environments, it is important to listen to the voices of employees working on the frontlines. In addition, Okabe Shindengen worked with the Fukaya Fire Department to hold basic life-saving seminars in September 2020 where people acquired knowledge and techniques on using AEDs and CPR.

  • Basic life-saving seminar (Okabe Shindengen)

Traffic Safety Activity

The Shindengen Group has established the ‘Traffic Leadership Committee’ to manage the prevention of traffic accidents during everyday operations, whilst commuting, and whilst our employees are on business trips, incorporating local opinions.
Akita Shindengen received the “gold prize” as an excellent safety driving business site under a joint traffic safety commendation program sponsored by Akita Prefectural Police and Japan Safe Driving Center, thanks to its work on safe driving and raising employee awareness. In addition, on its grounds facing National Route 105, which runs from Yurihonjo to Daisen, Akita Shindengen’s Oura Factory planted flowers to provide peace of mind and comfort to drivers and pedestrians.
Higashine Shindengen supports efforts for calling out traffic warnings by crossing guards at intersections of neighboring factories during traffic safety awareness periods.

  • Flower beds at Akita Shindengen’s Oura Factory.

Activities on Disaster Prevention and Response

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and floods in Thailand are recent reminders of the importance of having a disaster-response plan in place. Shindengen Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures risks are managed appropriately at times of large-scale disaster. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Committee has strengthened the disaster-response and business-continuity measures in place to protect employees and business.
Overseas Group companies that handle production periodically hold disaster prevention drills tailored to the characteristics of their country. In addition, domestic Group companies that handle production work to raise awareness of disaster prevention by conducting annual comprehensive fire drills, including water-discharge exercises, to ensure that every employee can practice what they are expected to do in emergencies.

2. Products that Contribute to Safety

In line with its corporate mission, the Shindengen Group develops, designs, produces, and sells eco-friendly technology spanning a wide range of fields, namely mobility, the environment and energy, industrial machinery, data and communications, and home appliances. This technology can also be used in fields that protect people’s lives and livelihoods, contributing to safety.
This year marked 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, when power was cut to the communication network and life lines suffered major damage. Due to the importance of disseminating information during a disaster, electric power and communication companies are enhancing the assurance of important communication, swift recovery of services, and improved reliability of networks. Shindengen keeps batteries charged to ensure that communications are maintained during power outages and provides highly reliable power supplies (rectifiers = AC/DC) for communications stations and mobile base stations while supplying high-quality, stable electric power to communications facilities. In addition, we provide inverter devices (DC/AC) to convert the power from batteries and contribute to the stable operation of communications facilities that comprise the entire network. Going forward, we will continue to maintain communication services, which are an important part of the social infrastructure, by providing high-quality power supplies.

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