Initiative for respecting Human Rights on Labor

In FY2019, we have established ‘Shindengen Group Human Rights Policy’ as the base of all other policies and documents (ex. Shindengen Group Action Guidelines) related to the Group’s efforts to respect human rights across our global operations.

Shindengen Group Human Rights Policy

Initiative for preventing Slave Labor and Human Trafficking

The Shindengen Group has updated a statement in September 2020 to prevent slave labor and human trafficking pursuant to the British Modern Slavery Act 2015, Article 54(1).

Due Diligence

We consider that the greatest risk of slavery or human trafficking would have been in our supply chain where operations and managerial oversight are out of the Shindengen Group’s direct control. The Group is implementing a two-year human rights survey plan based on ‘Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook’. In FY2019, we conducted human rights surveys on high-priority suppliers and our group companies. We obtained 76% response from the subjects of the survey (90% on a transaction amount basis) and performed a scoring analysis for each item based on each company's response, and asked suppliers who did not meet our target scores to improve. In this way, the first year's survey was completed as planned. In FY2020, we will continue to implement human rights surveys on suppliers whom we planned for the second year.

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