Human Resources Development

Career Support

Education and Training

At Shindengen, we support our employees with the proper education and training, such as new-employee training, third-year training, training for qualifications, and specifically tailored (financial, marketing) training and other self-development-focused education. In this way, we support career advancement for all.
The Group’s domestic companies have also developed self-assessment application systems for all employees applying for promotions. In addition, we introduced an expert career system that reflects the value we place on diversity. By doing so, we aim to foster a culture that promotes learning and supports career development among our employees.

  • Financial training

Nurturing Global Human Resources

Preparing our employees for the increasingly globalized environment in which we operate, is crucial to the Group’s future success. Business English training and the TOEIC incentive system are provided to employees to improve English proficiency.
We have dispatched young salespeople to our Group companies in English-speaking regions for a few months to a year to receive our overseas training and gain on-site, hands-on experiences. In addition, since FY 2017, we have expanded this overseas training to include brand new recruits assigned to the sales department.
For those assigned to work abroad, we provide training on local culture, economics and living standards (safety, environment, etc.) as well as on laws and systems necessary for business activities. For language training, educational support programs are available either in Japan before moving or overseas.

Providing Training to Human Resources to Support Expansion of Global Operations

To succeed in a globalized environment and to meet the increasing expectations of customers, the Shindengen Group has expanded its global operations, including product design, procurement, production, sales and others, mainly for Group companies in Asian countries. We are developing not only employees from Japan, but also a wide range of employees, taking various approaches, including education for local employees and exchanges between overseas Group companies. Group companies responsible for production in Japan also handle some of the product strategies for the expanding power module business and EV business while aiming to achieve sustainable growth. These companies are training employees to support the expansion of global operations.

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