Health and Safety

1. Health and Safety Management

Structure of Promoting Health and Safety

Shindengen Group is committed to promoting health and safety throughout the entire Group. Higashine Shindengen held a monthly safety and health committee meeting for the purpose of improving employees’ health and safety, creating a more comfortable workplace, etc.
We are making efforts to take into consideration and raise awareness about seasonal and regional issues such as prevention of heat stroke during the summer season and prevention of falling due to ice during the winter sesason. On February 9, 2018, we held a life-saving workshop with cooperation of the Higashine-shi fire-fighting headquarters. A completion certificate was given to 18 employees who participated in the workshop.

  • Ordinary lifesaving workshop (Higashine Shindengen)

Traffic Safety Activity

  • Silver Prize Was Awarded for the Excellent Safety Driving Business Site (Akita Shindengen)

Shindengen has established the ‘Traffic Leadership Committee’ to manage the prevention of traffic accidents during everyday operations, whilst commuting, and whilst our employees are on business trips incorporating local opinions.Akita Shindengen received the “Silver Award of Excellent Safety Driving Business Site” from the Akita Prefectural Police and the Automobile Safety Driving Center joint signature for providing “a great contribution to preventing traffic accidents, such as showing a deep understanding of traffic safety and making efforts to actively and appropriately manage safe driving.”

Traffic Safety Management (Okabe Shindengen, Shindengen Indonesia)

  • Traffic Safety Management
    Traffic Safety Management(Okabe Shindengen)
  • Traffic Safety Management
    Traffic Safety Management(Shindengen Indonesia)

Activities on Disaster Prevention and Response

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and Thailand Floods are recent reminders of the importance of having a disaster-response plan in place. Shindengen Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures risks are managed appropriately at the time of a large-scale disaster. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Committee has strengthened disaster-response and business-continuity measures to protect employees and the business.
Overseas contacts including Shindengen India periodically, monthly or yearly, hold disaster prevention drills tailored to the characteristics of each country.
Shindengen Three E, composed of one male team and one female team, participated in the “15th Indoor Fire Hydrant Operation Law Conference” sponsored by the Hanno-Hidaka Fire Department on October 3, 2017. The female team won the championship and the male team won fourth place, both receiving good grades.

Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group (Shindengen India, Shindengen Three E)

  • Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group
  • Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group
  • Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group

2. Various Programs on Health Management

Activities on Promotion of Health Management

At Shindengen, as part of promoting work-life balance, we provide activities for employees to help their mind and body healthy. Shindengen held a walking measurement seminar for preventing locomotive syndrome on November 10, 2017. 63 employees participated in the seminar. After calculating the walking age via the four-item test, we were able to learn a method of lengthening healthy life expectancy with reasonable exercise by implementing a stretch course introduced by a doctor.

Walking Measurement Seminar (Shindengen)

  • Walking Measurement Seminar (Shindengen)
  • Walking Measurement Seminar (Shindengen)

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