Health and Safety

1. Health and Safety Management

Structure of Promoting Health and Safety

Shindengen Group is committed to promoting health and safety throughout the entire Group. In October 6th 2016, Akita Shindengen received the “Akita Labor Standards Association Chairperson Award”, as recognition for its upstanding health and safety management.

  • “Akita Labor Standards Association Chairperson’s Award”
    (Akita Shindengen)

Traffic Safety Activity

Shindengen has established the ‘Traffic Leadership Committee’ to manage the prevention of traffic accidents during everyday operations, whilst commuting, and whilst our employees are on business trips incorporating local opinions.

Traffic Safety Management (Shindengen Three E Shindengen Indonesia)

  • Traffic Safety Management
  • Traffic Safety Management

Activities on Disaster Prevention and Response

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and Thailand Floods are recent reminders of the importance of having a disaster-response plan in place. Shindengen Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures risks are managed appropriately at the time of a large-scale disaster. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Committee has strengthened disaster-response and business-continuity measures to protect employees and the business.
Overseas contacts including Lamphun Shindengen and Shindengen Thailand periodically, monthly or yearly, hold disaster prevention drills tailored to the characteristics of each country.
Lamphun Shindengen employee participates in the local seminars on disaster prevention drills to promote awareness among the employees.

Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group (Lamphun Shindengen, Shindengen Thailand)

  • Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group
  • Disaster-Prevention Training of Shindengen Group

2. Various Programs on Health Management

Activities on Promotion of Health Management

At Shindengen, as part of promoting work-life balance, we provide activities for employees to help their mind and body healthy. On the foundation day of March 10th 2017, Lamphun Shindengen held an in-house sports event to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles. It was a beautiful hot sunny day, and employees enjoyed participating in the various events the day had to offer, whilst learning about the importance of managing one’s health.

Sports Day – (Lumphun Shindengen)

  • Sports Day – (Lumphun Shindengen)
  • Sports Day – (Lumphun Shindengen)

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