Health and Safety

1. Health and Safety Management

Structure for Promoting Health and Safety

The Shindengen Group is committed to promoting health and safety throughout the entire Group. In April 2020, Shindengen established the ISO Promotion Department and launched an initiative aimed at introducing an ISO 45001-compliant labor health and safety management system.
Akita Shindengen hosted a first-aid training session with the cooperation of the Honjo Fire Department. A total of 16 employees participated in the session held in August 2019, and 11 in the February 2020 session. They practiced resuscitation methods, such as those using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • A first-aid training session (Akita Shindengen)

Traffic Safety Activity

The Shindengen Group has established the ‘Traffic Leadership Committee’ to manage the prevention of traffic accidents during everyday operations, whilst commuting and whilst our employees are on business trips, incorporating local opinions.

Akita Shindengen received the top “platinum prize” as an excellent safety driving business site under a joint traffic safety commendation program sponsored by Akita Prefectural Police and Japan Safe Driving Center, thanks to its robust track record in minimizing the number of traffic accidents and offences involving employees. In addition, during traffic safety awareness periods, Higashine Shindengen supports efforts for calling out traffic warnings by crossing guards at intersections of neighboring factories.

  • Platinum Prize Was Awarded for the Excellent Safety Driving Business Site (Akita Shindengen)

Activities on Disaster Prevention and Response

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) and floods in Thailand are recent reminders of the importance of having a disaster-response plan in place. Shindengen Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures risks are managed appropriately at times of large-scale disaster. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) Committee has strengthened the disaster-response and business-continuity measures to protect employees and business.
Overseas Group companies that handle production hold disaster prevention drills periodically, monthly, or yearly tailored to the characteristics of their country.
Shindengen’s Hanno factory and domestic Group companies that handle production are working to raise awareness of disaster prevention by conducting annual comprehensive fire drills, including the use of outdoor fire hydrants, to ensure that every employee can practice what they are expected to do in emergencies.

Products that Contribute to Safety

In line with its corporate mission, the Shindengen Group develops, designs, produces, and sells eco-friendly technology spanning a wide range of fields, namely mobility, the environment and energy, industrial machinery, data and communications, and home appliances. This technology can also be used in fields that protect people’s lives and livelihoods, contributing to safety.
Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become evident that worldwide there is an alarming shortage of ICU ventilators for providing safe and life-saving care for COVID-19 patients. A world-leading ICU mechanical ventilation producer that is also a customer of Shindengen Mechatronic requested that this Group company increase its output of solenoids for ICU mechanical ventilation. Working closely with business partners, Shindengen Mechatronics has increased production of solenoids for ICU mechanical ventilation while ensuring good employee conditions as much as possible.
In addition, Typhoon Faxai caused wide-spread damage when it made landfall in September 2019, leading to long-lasting power outages and significantly impacting daily life. Shindengen provided collapsible inverters for use in portable generators in response to the power outages.

  • A mechanical ventilator featuring Shindengen Mechatronics's solenoid

2. Various Programs on Health Management

Activities on Promotion of Health Management

At the Shindengen Group, as part of promoting work-life balance, we provide activities for employees to help keep their minds and bodies healthy.

The Hanno Spring Two-Day Walk was sponsored by Hanno City in May 2019, and 95 people from Shindengen participated as a group in the 24th Walking Event, a 10-kilometer hiking trail, with the aim of addressing employees’ lack of exercise and boosting their health. This year’s event was blessed by clear weather, and the hikers successfully completed the trail without any injuries or accident.
In addition, Shindengen Indonesia holds health seminars related to various themes (such as mental health, CPR and AED methods) hosted by external doctors.

  • Group photo from the Hanno Spring Two-Day Walk
  • Health seminar (Shindengen Indonesia)

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