Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality):Electronic Device Division

A Message from the Head of Division

Technical “A”dvantage, Quality “A”dvantage, and Cost “A”dvantage We aim to achieve three advantages under our slogan of “Win Triple A.” We are working hard to set up a full-scale business operation so that we can establish ourselves as a notable power semiconductor manufacturer that contributes towards improving global energy efficiency.

  • Tomoaki Nishi
    Division Director of Electronic Device Div. Group
    Tomoaki Nishi


Power supplies to bring power semiconductors to life

  • Our portfolio of diode-related products, which are used in the automotive industry, is of the finest quality, and as a result, has the largest market share of similar products in the world. 
  • Our portfolio of Automotive quality power MOFSETs and ICs are highly efficient and possess a power-saving feature.
  • Our portfolio of power module products combines the features of a multitude of semiconductor devices, rendering the assembling process simple. This is achieved by providing efficient heat dissipation, downsizing, and high integrability with other modules.

A Mid-term Growth Strategy Considering Social Requirements

Increasing social environmental awareness has made inverter motor drives and electronic controls more popular in the car electronics and industrial machinery markets. Additionally, there has been a rapid growth in the demand for downsizing and for drive and control parts that are highly efficient. Our divisional group is passionate about contributing to the global society with our new and improved efficient energy conversion process. We have added new features to our already renowned lineup of power semiconductors such as lowering of associated loss, downsizing, and a higher capacity to withstand high pressures and large currents. Additionally, we hope to drive new demand with the creation of our original and unique modularization and mounting technologies.
We are also committed to integrating semiconductor and circuit technologies by increased cooperation with our Car Electronics and Energy System & Solutions Divisions, thereby promoting the development of advanced devices with features and mounting shapes suitable for use in various sophisticated and highly efficient applications.

Creation of Environmentally Friendly Products Based on a Growth Strategy

  •  We commit to expanding electrification with consideration of environment in the mobility and industrial machinery markets where sophisticated computerization techniques are being used.
  •  We commit to promoting the development of eco-friendly devices, such as renewable energy equipment and power storage units, aimed at the fledgling energy market.
  •  We commit to offering small high-performance energy-saving devices such as lighting and home electrical appliances for domestic use.
  • We are also committed to promote development of devices for industrial equipment market, aiming to automation and saving of labor force.

Primary environmentally friendly products from the Electronic Devices Division

  • Semiconductor

Primary manufacturers


  • Akita Shindengen Co., Ltd.
  • Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.


  • Lumphun Shindengen Co., Ltd (Thailand).
  • Shindengen Philippines Corp. 

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