Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality):Technology & Development Center

A Message from the Head of Center

The Shindengen Group’s corporate mission is “Maximizing energy conversion efficiency for the benefit of humanity and society.” and as such, we are committed to transferring our new technology to key business fields to better serve our society.

  • Tomoaki  Nishi
    Head of Technology & Development Center
    Tomoaki Nishi

Promoting Environmentally Friendly Product Development

Creating core technologies ahead of market changes

In the semiconductor device field, Shindengen is promoting the development of new technology in order to lower associated losses, allow operation in higher temperatures, and to integrate the functioning of multiple parts. In the power electronics field, we are promoting research and development to increase conversion efficiency, reduced related noise, and provide high-density mounting. We are passionate about working towards meeting these challenges and developing new technologies that cater to the market demands in a timely manner.

A Mid-term Growth Strategy Considering Social Requirements

Creating core technologies pursuing the limits of energy conversion efficiency

  • Development of advanced low loss devices as per the requirements of mobility markets
  • Development of advanced element technologies for next generation low loss power devices
  • Development of advanced bonding technologies for reliable use in high temperature operations
  • Development of high efficiency power circuit technologies for application in next generation low loss devices
  • Development of high efficiency ICs so as to move towards a society with reduced energy consumption

Creating Environmentally Friendly Products Based on the Growth Strategy

Developing small high-precision mounting technology
【Creating 2-in-1 chip layer structures】

  • Reduced mounting area by around 50% due to the layer structure (compared with existing Shindengen products)

  • Enabled higher heat dissipation and higher current capability due to the adoption of Cu clip technology

  • Boasts lower resistance and lower inductance than aluminum wire products and realizes higher power density and higher efficiency, including better heat dissipation

Primary environmentally friendly products from the Technology&Development Center

  • 2-in-1 chip layer structures

Primary R&D site


  • Hanno factory

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