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Fair Business Practices

The Shindengen Group is committed to conducting business in a way that is both ethical and complies with laws and regulations as well as to be adaptable to the ever-changing social values and expectations. The “Shindengen Group Guideline for Action” establishes a set of internal ethical principles that guide the Group’s actions at each stage of the value chain, including marketing, product development, material procurement, production and logistics.   

Material Procurement from the CSR Activities

Primary Challenges in Materials Procurement Based on ISO26000 Core Themes

Core theme Topic Primary challenge
Human rights

Avoiding complicity

Conflict minerals
The Shindengen Group is not an enterprise covered under the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act., however from a human rights perspective, the inclusion of conflict minerals in products is investigated, and all possible efforts are made to effect their removal.

Fair business practices

Preventing corruption

Materials procurement based on ‘Compliance with Laws and Regulations’ as determined in the Shindengen Group Behavioral Guidelines.
  • Prevention and early discovery of illegal behavior
  • Preventing conflict of interest
  • Preventing leakage of confidential information
  • Prohibiting insider trading
Fair competition

Compliance with Subcontracting Law
The Shindengen procurement division, acting with overall responsibility, circulates through the Group companies periodically implementing preventative measures (e.g. hearings, ducation) to promote compliance.

  • Regular interviews
  • Education
  • Individual discussions

Evaluation of suppliers
To strengthen healthy relationships with suppliers, and to contribute to the development of these relationships, suppliers are evaluated annually on quality, prices, delivery dates, and business service, and awards presented to superior suppliers.

Promoting social responsibility in the value chain

Exclusion of anti-social elements
To ensure sufficient awareness of the importance of breaking relationships with anti-social elements, and from the viewpoints of social responsibility, compliance, and enterprise defense, the Shindengen Group promotes efforts to break these relationships.
  • Memorandum: Requests signing of a ‘Memorandum on Exclusion of Anti-social Elements’ with its suppliers.
  • Education : Implements participation in periodic compliance education in the materials division, and external lectures.

Note: See ‘ISO26000:2010’ (published by Japan Standards Association) for core themes and topics.

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