Contributing to social themes by implementing the corporate mission (materiality):Car Electronics Division Group

A Message from the Head of Division Group

Seeking high conversion efficiency and long-term reliability in the mobility field.
The company employs the latest technology, contributing to environmental preservation and society by providing customers with products of high conversion efficiency and high reliability.

  • Kouji Kodama
    Senior Officer
    Division Director of Car Electronics Div.Group
    Kouji Kodama


Combining core technologies focused on the environmental business for a leap into the future

  • A major international share of motorcycle components (e.g. REGs/RECTs)
  • ECU for two-wheel (electronic control unit) with reduced environmental impacts such as idling-stop function.
  • DC/DC converters for high efficiency and high reliability motor vehicle FCVs, PHEVs, and HEVs

A Mid-term Growth Strategy Considering Social Requirements

Strengthening development of low-loss technology using electronic control, and energy recovery technology, and commercialization of products, as a means to reduce environmental impact. The majority were achieved with electronic control. Future introduction of electronics to the mobility field using the company’s semiconductor, circuit, magnetic body, software, and mounting technologies in product commercialization, and focusing on continuous expansion.

Creation of Environmentally Friendly Products Based on the Growth Strategy

Motorcycle electronics

  • Regulators using low-loss devices and control technology
  • Reducing power consumption System for headlight LEDs
  • Development and commercialization of ECUs (Electronic Control Units) 

Motor vehicle electronics

  • High-efficiency, high reliability, light weight vehicle power systems

  • Development and commercialization of ECUs (Electronic Control Units)
  • EV quick chargers

Primary environmentally friendly products from the Car Electronics Division

  • HEV applications
    DC/DC converters      
  • ECU for two-wheel

Primary production base


  • Okabe Shindengen Co. Ltd


  • PT. Shindengen Indonesia, Guangzhou Shindengen Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Shindengen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Shindengen Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Shindengen India Private Ltd.
  • Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. (India)

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