Engaging Local Communities

Community activities

The Shindengen Group is conducting activities aimed at ensuring harmonious coexistence with local communities with the aim of maintaining their trust.

1. Participating in the FUN RUN (Shindengen Philippines)

Every year, Shindengen Philippines sponsors the “FUN RUN,” a marathon race in which a number of employees, their families and friends as well as people from surrounding communities participate. This event raises money by soliciting donations in amounts based on each participant’s running distance. Shindengen Philippines used the funds raised via the 2019 race to purchase such electronics and teaching aids as TVs, PCs, and projectors that it donated to schools in the neighboring area.

  • Teaching aids and electronics donated by Shindengen Philippines

2. Cleaning and painting playground equipment at elementary schools (Shindengen Thailand)

Shindengen Thailand employees visited local elementary schools to clean and paint playground equipment to prevent it from deteriorating and ensure the students can safely and gleefully play on it. In addition, the company provides material support to elementary schools.

  • Shindengen Thailand employees cleaning and painting elementary school playground equipment

3. Hometown tax donation (Shindengen)

Shindengen supports regional revitalization initiatives through sports. The Company donated to the Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park-Rugby Holy Ground Project, which is one of the projects recognized by Saitama Prefecture in its corporate hometown tax donation for tax credits scheme. In this way, we helped with the renovation work on the Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park, which was one of the locations used for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

  • Hometown tax donation appreciation certificate ceremony(middle: Kiyoshi Ueda, former Governor of Saitama Prefecture)

4. Engaging with Communities (Shindengen Vietnam)

Shindengen Vietnam cosponsored a summer festival as a cultural activity hosted by Thang Long Industrial Park II with the aim of invigorating the community where its base is located. The company had a stall at the summer festival, facilitating deeper engagement with neighboring residents and contributing to the lively atmosphere.

  • Shindengen Vietnam’s summer festival

5. Safety prayer ritual at a business site (Shindengen)

After careful consideration, Shindengen decided to build a new business site and to this end concluded a periodic land lease with the city of Asaka in Saitama Prefecture. On September 17, 2019, we performed a safety prayer ritual for the construction of the new business site on the land where it is to be built. The event was held on a crisp day under a clear blue sky and attended by around 35 people, including the mayor of Asaka and other city officials, architects, and construction workers, who all prayed for the safe construction of the site. The new site is intended to enhance productivity and ensure the continuity of business by consolidating the main functions of the divisions and departments of the Hanno factory and some of the functions of the Ohtemachi Head Office under one roof. Construction is proceeding apace and is slated to wrap up in February 2021.

  • The safety prayer ritual

6. Neighborhood cleanup activities (Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.; Shindengen Three E Co., Ltd.)

Higashine Shindengen conducted beautification activities in the area around its factory to show its gratitude to the community ahead of the Higashine Sakuranbo Marathon. Recognizing its responsibility as a corporate citizen, Shindengen Three E conducts cleanup activities twice a year in the area around its bases as part of its local environmental activities.

  • Higashine Shindengen's beautification activity
  • Shindengen Three E's cleanup activity

7. Supporting COVID-19 countermeasures
(Lumphun Shindengen)

At the request of the Federation of Thai Industries and the secretariat of the industrial park, Lumphun Shindengen and several other companies in the industrial park purchased healthcare materials and donated them to Lamphun Province’s health department to support the healthcare professionals providing treatment for COVID-19 and people working hard to prevent the spread of infections. In addition, donations voluntarily made by Lumphun Shindengen employees were used to purchase healthcare materials and donate them to the local Lamphun Hospital.

  • Healthcare materials voluntarily donated by Lumphun Shindengen employees

8. Supporting areas affected by natural disasters (Shindengen Thailand)

Shindengen Thailand provided material support to areas in Laos stricken by floods from August to September 2019 that gravely impacted the regions’ infrastructure and other social foundations.

  • Material support provided by Shindengen Thailand

9. Giving factory tours to students

Every year, the Shindengen Group factories proactively invite students to tour their facilities in order to give them a glimpse of what is it like to work for a manufacturer. At the request of Kumamoto Prefectural College of Technology, Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch accepted interns, providing them two weeks of work experience and instilling in them an understanding of work and its worth. Okabe Shindengen gave a factory tour to 30 students from the Saitama Institute of Technology with the aim of raising awareness of job opportunities as a one of Saitama Prefecture’s Sainokuni Factories. In addition, the company provided factory tours to students from two high schools in Saitama Prefecture. At the request of Akita Regional Promotion Bureau, Akita Shindengen provided social experience studies to high school students, teaching them about manufacturing through product explanations and factory tours. Higashine Shindengen cosponsored workplace learning experiences for students at schools for the disabled as part of activities aimed at promoting community harmony. Shindengen Thailand accepted five interns from universities in Thailand and provided hands-on workplace training. Receiving requests for factory tours as part of social education for local high schools, Shindengen Indonesia arranged tours for high school students.

  • The LED program created by students from Kumamoto Prefectural College of Technology (Shindengen Kumamoto Technoresearch)
  • Everyone from the Saitama Institute of Technology (Okabe Shindengen)

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