Engaging Local Communities

1.Dispatch of instructor to Hanno civic ski classroom (Shindengen)

Shindengen ski team currently enrolls 16 people, and during the season, they practice according to their respective levels and are working toward acquiring certifications such as becoming instructors. As a development for the local community, volunteers are participating as lecturers in the “Hanno citizen ski classroom” held by Hanno City twice each year. In FY 2017, it was held on February 3 at Yu no Maru Kogen Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture, and from February 24–25 at Yomase Hot Spring Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture. The sessions were crowded with children and other family members, they were blessed with fine weather, and the Hanno citizen ski classroom became a very popular ski classroom for participants. The ski team members also participate as volunteers with other cultural groups at Oku Musashi Ekiden, which is held in Hanno City every January and supports the management of the event.

  • “Shindengen ski team” activity.

2.Participating in the “Industrial Park Summer Festival” (Shindengen Vietnam)

Shindengen Vietnam is located in Hunyien Province in the northern part of Vietnam, and a summer festival is held every year at Thang Long Industrial Park where the factory belongs. On September 23, 2017, Shindengen Vietnam also participated for the first time and opened a stall. The cuisine made by the employees was very delicious and well received, and all the ingredients were completely used up and sold out. For the first time, the summer festival ended in a great success, and it was also a great opportunity for the participating employees to interact with the employees of other companies in the industrial estate, community, and the neighborhood. The company is planning to participate in the festival continuously.

  • Industrial park summer festival

3.Participation in the Kumamoto Reconstruction Assistance Event (Shindengen Kumamoto Techno-Research)

Two years have passed since the Kumamoto earthquake occurred, but more than 40,000 people still live in temporary housing. The Shindengen Group has raised contributions from employees and donated them to the stricken area.
The necessary support for the affected people seems to be changing from material support to psychological support. In the afflicted areas, various volunteer organizations hold events, exchange meetings, and provide reconstruction assistance for the residents. On 21st March, community volunteer groups invited residents living in temporary housing to events such as a mini concert, food bazaar, and dock therapy experience group. By renting the venues of sports facilities in Mifune-machi, the “Mifune-machi resident exchange meeting” has been held. At Shindengen Kumamoto Techno-Research, employees belonging to volunteer groups are actively participating in the planning, preparation, activities, etc. of reconstruction support activities with all their family.

  • Volunteering in the reconstruction support event
  • Volunteering in the reconstruction support event

4.Shindengen’s Athletics and Sports Team

Shindengen’s Athletics and Sports Team has been supporting the development of local community in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, through sports activities for the past 60 years since its foundation, primarily through the long-distance relay race – the ‘Ekiden’. Although, Shindengen team is not a professional team, we succeed the spirit of “amateur athletes” as part of our tradition. While working as an employee of Shindengen, the team members do the training throughout the entire year on holidays and after work. We look forward engaging with the local community in a race traditional in Japanese local communities as well as nationally.

  • Shindengen Athletics and Sports Team

5.Founding Anniversary Activities - Lumphun Shindengen, Shindengen Thailand

shindengen Group operates two subsidiaries in Thailand. Annually, on the anniversary of our foundation, - The two companies invited local monks to pray in a style of local traditional ways for the safety and further growth for both the employees ,and the companies. Shindengen Thailand marked its 30th anniversary in 2017. The company celebrated the 30th anniversary ceremony on February 23, at the venue rented from Bangkok University. At the party, the 30-year history was introduced via slideshow, a game called Lucky Draw was played, and a stage performance was given. The event was quite exciting.

  • Founding Anniversary Activities (Lumphun Shindengen)
  • Founding Anniversary Activities(Shindengen Thailand)
  • Founding Anniversary Activities(Shindengen Thailand)

6.Participation in the “FUN RUN Event” - Shindengen Philippines

On May 27th, 2017, Shindengen Philippines participated in the FUN RUN Event. Every year, employees, families and friends gathered to participate and donate in relations to how long they have run. Donations are given to aged care facilities and beds and blood pressure monitors are donated to elementary schools. In 2016, Shindengen Philippines was awarded a commemorative shield from “Schools Division of Columba City” as a token of thankfulness.

  • FUN RUN Participants
  • FUN RUN Participants

7.Acceptance of overseas training (Lamphun Shindengen)

Lamphun Shindengen welcomed the 13 students from Aomori Gakuin University on January 23, as a response to the request from the University. The students’ overseas activities and learning became a corporate visit as part of “overseas training where employees can learn about different cultures, expand the international perspective, and learn the realities of management while exploring issues.”On that day, the students took a business introduction and factory tour of Lamphun Shindengen. It was a very meaningful day for exchanging opinions with students. In Shindengen, we are focusing on supporting global careers, even in the training of human resources, so if we have a request from educational institutions in the future, we will actively consider putting programs in place.

  • Accepting overseas training (Lamphun Shindengen)

  • Accepting overseas training (Lamphun Shindengen)

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