Engaging Local Communities

1.Participation of the “Hanno Verdurous Two Days March Event”

The Hanno Verdurous Two Days March is a community walk on May 28th, 2016 involving walking on the fresh green Oku Musashi Road surrounded by sights such as the Iruma River, and the Tenranzan held. Since last year, Shindengen has been taking part in the event as a walker.
For the “20th Anniversary Walk Walk Event”, 96 employees walked on the day. Since 11 years ago, Shidengen has set up a place providing free drinks to walkers. This year, Shindengen has provided ice-creams for the first time to walkers which were well received, due to clear weather, not only to walkers but also children.

  • Hanno Verdurous Two Days March Event

2.Summer Carnival – Akita Shindengen

Akita Shindengen is located in Yurihonjo-shi, in the South of Akita Prefecture, bordering the Sea of Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery including the Chokai Mountain, and has been in operation for more than 45 years since 1970. It is the main factory producing semiconductor goods for the Shindengen Group, and has 759 employees. Annually, a summer carnival is held on company grounds to promote employee welfare, as well as engage the local community. On July 16th, 2016, the 15th annual festival was held much to the delight of local residents and employees. We receive voices from many participants saying “looking forward to the event every year”. We hope to sustain and continue organizing this event to promote communication with the local communities.

  • Summer Carnival – Yurihonjo-shi, Akita

3.Clean Campaign in South Boso Peninsula (Higashine Shindengen Katsuura)

Higashine Shindengen (Katsuura) participates annually in the Clean Campaign in South Boso. Our employees engage with the local government and community to assist with restoring the beautiful shoreline of Katsuura.

  • Clean Campaign in Minami-boso

4.Shindengen’s Athletics and Sports Team

Shindengen’s Athletics and Sports Team since its foundation has been supporting the development of local community in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, through sports activities for the past 60 years, primarily through the long-distance relay race – the ‘Ekiden’. Although, Shindengen team is not a professional team, we succeed the spirit of “amateur athletes” as part of our tradition.
While working as an employee of Shindengen, we do the training throughout the entire year on holidays and after work. We look forward engaging with the local community in a race traditional in Japanese local communities as well as nationally.

  • Shindengen Athletics and Sports Team

5.Founding Anniversary Activities - Lumphun Shindengen, Shindengen Thailand

Shindengen Group operates two subsidiaries in Thailand. Annually, on the anniversary of our foundation, we engage with local monks to pray for the safety of Shindengen employees and the future development of our companies.

  • Founding Anniversary Activities

6.Participation of the “FUN RUN Event” - Shindengen Philippines

On May 28th, 2016, Shindengen Philippines held the FUN RUN Event.
Every year, employees, families and friends gathered to participate and donate in relations to how long they have run.
Donations are given to aged care facilities and beds and blood pressure monitors are donated to elementary schools.
In 2016, these efforts were recognized by the ‘SCHOOLS DIVISSION OF CALAMBA CITY’ and a commemoratory shield was received.

  • FUN RUN Participants

7.Company Retreat (Shindengen Vietnam)

In Vietnam, we regularly hold traditional cultural events for our employees to promote employees’ satisfaction and as a token of appreciation to them.

  • Employee Retreat Activities

In June 25th, 2016, employees were treated to a two-night retreat.

  • Ekiden Competition

In April 24th, 2016, employees participated in the Ekiden competition.

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