Moving Towards a Low-Carbon Society

1. Initiatives to create a low-carbon society

The Shindengen Group promotes activities to decrease its environmental footprint, such as reducing chemical substances and reducing carbon emissions in business activities. The Group also greatly contributes to the creation of a low-carbon society through eco-friendly technology.
The 90 kW high-power quick charger (with two connectors) that Shindengen sells was used in demonstration tests conducted by Kansai Electric Power Company. The tests were related to the efficient operation methods used when installing super quick chargers for electric vehicles (EVs). The Shindengen-produced quick charger SDQC2F90 series boasts the highest capacity of any charger in Japan*1 at 90 kW. One EV compatible with CHAdeMo Ver1.2 can fully charge in 60% of the time required when using a conventional 50 kW quick charger. In addition, because the unit has two connectors, two EVs can be charged simultaneously, leading to shorter charging wait times.*2
※1 : As of May 2020, according to Shindengen
※2 : When two EVs are charging, the power is shared evenly at 45 kW and 45 kW

  • High-power quick charger

2. Initiatives to utilize renewable energy

For the third consecutive year, Shindengen applied to purchase CO2 reduction credits through a CO2 emission reduction project being implemented through the Yamagata prefectural government and was as one of the seven companies selected. On February 21, 2020, the Company’s president Yoshinori Suzuki attended a contract signing ceremony held at the Yamagata prefectural government building.
Shindengen supports Yamagata Prefecture’s efforts to reduce CO2, this time purchasing credits for 250 t-CO2, which was effectively used to offset CO2 emissions related to the Company’s businesses.

  • Contract signing ceremony (right: Mieko Yoshimura, Governor of Yamagata Prefecture)

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