Basis of semiconductors

You may not normally think about semiconductors, but they are an essential part of all of our daily lives.
For example, in smartphones.
The microphones used when talking, the shutters used when taking photos, and various other features and functions are all driven by semiconductors. There are also a wide variety of different types of semiconductors. For example, semiconductors which are referred to as CPUs and memory, process massive amounts of electrical signals at high speeds, and act in ways which are the equivalent to the brain and nerves in a human being.
The processing power of modern smart phones is said to be much greater than that of the Apollo computer systems which first carried humans to the moon, and semiconductors continue to become more advanced every day as they support more and more of our daily lives.

This page will provide answers to the question, "What are semiconductors", and provide easy explanations about the world of semiconductors.

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Wide band gap semiconductors

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