What are General Rectifying Diodes?

This diode uses a p-n junction.
It was originally created to rectify the alternating current of a commercial frequency (50/60 Hz) and generally can withstand high voltages.

Typical characteristics

Withstand voltage (VRM)

High voltages such as 600 V, 800 V and 1000 V

Forward voltage (VF)

Approximately 1 V

Reverse current (IR)

Extremely small from several μA to tens of μA

Reverse recovery time (trr) Extremely long around 10 μS

Rectifying commercial frequencies and protection against reverse connections, etc.

It cannot be applied to rectifying high frequencies because the reverse recovery time is too long.
A general bridge diode has 4 or 6 general rectifying diodes, which are built into a diode module that are connected to a bridge circuit configuration.

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