What are Power Semiconductors?

Among the devices that use semiconductors for materials, there are power semiconductors, which are made for the purpose of handling or processing large currents and power.
There is no clear line, but power semiconductors are generally categorized as having a rated current of 1A or greater. The following types are common devices.


General rectifying diode
Fast recovery diode
Schottky barrier diode
Zener diode


Bipolar transistor


SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
Silicon surge protector
TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor)

Other Power IC, power module, etc.

In addition to categorizing based on the operating principles of the semiconductor chip or the elemental structure, the products are also categorized based on the package configuration and based on their function which is determined by the number of elements or connections built into one package.

Example of classification by package

  • SIP (Single Inline Package)
    SIP (Single Inline Package)
  • DIP (Dual Inline Package)
    DIP (Dual Inline Package)

Example of classification by connection and function

  • Center tapped diode
    Center tapped diode
  • Bridge diode
    Bridge diode

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