Digital transformation (DX) at the Shindengen Group

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The Shindengen group believes that constructing a product portfolio suited to the needs of the times, and contributing to the resolution of social issues is conducive to enhancing corporate value in this sustainable society, and has accordingly enacted the Long Term Vision 2030. As values and market needs continue to diversify, in order to realize the Long Term Vision 2030 to allow us to flexibly and quickly respond to business fields which are changing faster than ever before, we have established the DX Vision and will vigorously promote digital transformation going forward.

The Shindengen Group's DX Vision

We aim to become a power electronics company

which utilizes digital technologies to work towards

organically linking the engineering chain and supply chain,

and revolutionizes business processes in order to contribute

to the realization of a sustainable society and creates new value.

DX promotion outline

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Promotion of supply chain DX is an important initiative which will contribute to both increasing profitability and the fulfillment of social responsibility for the Shindengen group. We will achieve more efficient materials procurement and production through monitoring of the entire supply chain and sharing information in realtime, and thereby enhance “earnings structure construction” for the Shindengen group as stated in the 16th Mid-term Business Plan.

Engineering Chain Management (ECM)

We believe that both sharing of engineering information and speedy development are the way forward for the manufacturing industry to contribute to a sustainable society, and promoting DX in the engineering chain will enable us to strengthen our R&D system. We will promote development of unique and appealing products by accumulating and utilizing knowledge and increase speed of market introduction through interdepartmental collaboration.

Organic linking

We will promote innovation throughout all processes and develop products with additional value to the market in a timely manner by constructing foundations which drive the bidirectional and automatic flow of data for both the supply chain domain; which includes management of procurement and sales, etc.; and the engineering chain domain which includes management of planning, design, etc.
To achieve this goal, we are constructing core systems and a development platform to achieve organic linking between the engineering chain and supply chain.

IT investment policy

The Shindengen group is introducing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system; which manages the supply chain from materials procurement, production, inventory management, and distribution to sales; and a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system; which manages the engineering chain from product planning, design, and production to disposal.
For these systems we are constructing an IT environment which allows for more efficient system operation management and can still be used at any time, in any place, and in any environment while always being updated, based on "Fit To Standard" and "Cloud Shift" concepts. Under this system, we will incorporate new business models and utilizing of the latest technologies, such as A.I., as we further develop our business activities.

DX promotion system


The top-down approach allows for strong commitment form management while the bottom-up approach elevates both ideas and issues from the production environment. In order to realize both of these approaches simultaneously, we have established a DX Promotion Committee, ECM/SCM Subcommittee, and DX Promotion Committee Office. We are moving forward with this project with an aim to change the way of thinking of each and every employee to work towards establishing actions and a culture which incorporate digital transformation as standard.

Human resources

In addition to improving IT environments, it is also important to secure human resources capable of using IT tools and data in order to promote DX.
In order to cultivate human resources who possess the skills and mindset which make digital-based business innovation and corporate value creation possible, we will be strengthening our in-house DX (IT) literacy and information security, etc. training programs, and building an infrastructure which enables all company employees to contribute to DX projects and creation of corporate value.

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