Management Plan

Long term vision 2030

"A power electronics company which creates environmentally-friendly cutting edge solutions via innovative technologies,
contributes to a sustainable society, and continues to be needed by all stakeholders"

●Power device products ●

Create power devices which are a key component of a carbon neutral society

●Mobility products ●

Create mobility solutions for the future

●Environmental and energy products ●

Integrate core technologies from all of our businesses and create environmentally-friendly energy solutions

●Next generation products ●

Pursue innovation which will contribute to decarbonization

Product portfolio (concept)

  • Expansion businesses
    Businesses which serve as drivers for company growth. Proactively invest in these businesses and bring value-added products to market.
  • Foundational businesses
    Utilize developed competitive capabilities and track record to support profits.
  • Next generation businesses
    Fields which will support Shindengen's business in the future. Invest resources in fields which allow for application of core technologies.
  • Restructuring businesses
    Analyze future trends and revise allocation of resources.

16th Mid-term Business Plan

16th Mid-term Business Plan final fiscal year targets

3 year camulative total
Capital Investment 22 billion yen
R&D 18 billion yen

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