Management Plan

Long-Term Vision 2021

Numerical Targets



Net Sales 

120 billion

150 billion

Operating income margin

6% or above

10% or above


8% or above

10% or above

Fully utilize our semiconductor technologies to accelerate into the advanced power component businesses

Leveraging power semiconductors manufactured in-house, we will further evolve and strengthen the competitiveness of our car electronics and power system products, both of which fall under the category of components.

Forge a highly profitable business structure

We will accelerate product development to speed up the new product launch cycle and create a highly profitable business structure.

Key markets

In addition to the mobility, energy and industrial machinery markets, which we have previously outlined as growth markets, we will focus on the healthcare market, for a total of four key markets.

Key Markets

1.Mobility Market

Target Sectors

Strategic Products

  • Next-generation  automobiles
  • Next-generation  automobile infrastructure
  • Power modules
  • Power semiconductors/ICs
  • Regulators
  • DC/DC converters
  • ECUs
  • EV/PHEV chargers

2.Energy Market

Target Sectors

Strategic Products

  • PV systems
  • Fuel cells
  • Communications equipment
  • O&M business
  • Power modules
  • Power semiconductors
  • PV inverters
  • Communications equipment power supply

3.Industrial Machinery Market

Target Sectors

Strategic Products

  • Factory automation
  • Machine tools
  • Robots
  • Power modules
  • Power semiconductors/ICs
  • Inverters
  • Ultra-compact power supply

4.Healthcare Market

Target Sectors

Strategic Products

  • Medical equipment
  • Nursing care robots
  • Support robots
  • Power modules
  • Power semiconductors/ICs
  • Inverters

Key Measures of the 14th Medium Term Business Plan

1.Technological Development

  • Promote synergies centered on semiconductors to firmly establish a competitive advantage
  • Shorten development times using simulations
  • Improve product quality
2.Strengthening Overseas
  • Expand sales to non-Japanese customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia
  • Promote and strengthen support systems for local development and design
  • Raise the overseas sales ratio
3.Promoting Business Transformation
  • Revise existing businesses and products
  • Introduce new products to steadily update the product mix
4.Driving Down Production Costs
  • Invest capital in labor saving facilities and improve productivity
  • Revise procurement methods
5.Improving Management Quality
  • Develop globally oriented human resources to expand business in overseas markets
  • Utilize ICT
  • Reinforce the BCP

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