Corporate Brand

Our Promise

Listen closely, look ahead, and create a future of value.

Throughout our history, we have listened closely to our customers, tried to foresee what’s coming in society, and played a significant role in cultivating expertise in our field. This has always been the spirit of our company. Today and tomorrow, we will continue striving to integrate leading technology and our extensive experience into our company spirit so that we can deliver optimum value.

By rising to the challenge of realizing ever greater energy efficiency, we will help protect the natural environment. Through ever better products and systems, we will contribute to the growth of society and create a future that solves problems and benefits people.

Brand Logo

  • Brand Logo

Our logo is composed of letters of different thicknesses and a line we call the “conversion line”.
“Shin” is bold and powerful, showing that we pursue new possibilities. “Dengen" is sharp, suggesting our high level of technical ability. The conversion line’s upward movement reflects our values of effectively utilizing energy, considering the natural environment, and contributing to the growth of business and society.
Our logo color is a tranquil, poised deep blue, representing advancement and high quality.

Brand Statement

  • New power.  Your power.

Our brand statement expresses the wish that our power to create new value will lead to new power for customers.
“New” suggests cutting edge and a new viewpoint. “Power” suggests energy efficiency, high performance, our challenge, and the driving force to grow our business.
“New power” also expresses our company name. “Shin” means “New”, and “Dengen” means “Power” in Japanese.

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